Carrying energy gels

Can anyone please recommend a comfortable way to carry energy gels for longer runs, ,I don't like being ladened down with gadgets and things but have to give in to this one.

Nick.Craig Nick.Craig

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  1. Nick.Craig

    Nick.Craig Thanks for all the advice I have bought a small fitletic belt / pouch which seems to fit snugly.

    0 3 May 17
  2. Chris Pattison

    Chris Pattison I wear a hat and usually have a couple tucked away in that. Seems to work well.

    0 23 Apr 17
  3. Fell Running Guide

    Fell Running Guide Try a cycling top with rear pockets.

    0 23 Apr 17
  4. Dee27

    Dee27 I have a Salomon "Agile" belt, no buckles so nothing to rub and you don't notice you're wearing it. read moreMine can hold my phone (for music), gels and a water bottle. Used it in a recent half marathon and it was ideal.

    0 22 Apr 17
  5. MR

    MrsJasper I have a belt similar to the one Jessy describes. It was also from amazon. I like it because the read morepocket in which input my gels seems t be a little bit insulated so the gels don't get too warm. Gels aren't the best taste experience at the best of times but warm they are downright minging!

    0 22 Apr 17
  6. 360Petty

    360Petty I 2nd the 'Flip Belt' I wear it on every run as I don't even notice it's there, even if it's only to read morecarry keys and phone, holds everything secure!

    0 22 Apr 17
  7. Nick.Craig

    Nick.Craig Thanks pipe I might try both as neither are very expensive.

    0 21 Apr 17
  8. Pipe

    Pipe I have actually purchased a 'flip belt' which can hold all manner of items securely and it is fully read moremade out of material so no clasps or anything to worry about.

    0 21 Apr 17
  9. Nick.Craig

    Nick.Craig Thanks for the help , bum bag it is then....

    0 21 Apr 17
  10. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew If just a few gels I keep them in shorts pocket. But recently bought a bum bag which is fine. I read morehate carrying things but sometimes needs must.

    0 21 Apr 17
  11. Jessy

    Jessy I use a running belt but I only use the energy tabs not keen in the gels. My sister who is training read morefor Edinburgh marathon uses a bum bag I have just bought her one that holds two small water bottles and the pocket is big enough for her phone and gels..I got this from amazon just type in running belt X

    0 21 Apr 17