Complete Novice

I have wanted to start running properly for over a year now. I used to love going to the gym and was the petite size most people are having trained and being pro-active.

My goal is to lose weight however i'm very self conscious, I am 23 and have put on more than enough weight but am scared to run in daylight and always knackered after work.

My boyfriend runs the 5k park run every Saturday however I don't think he understands how petrified I am mostly because of my weight and the looks I will get.

Any advice on how to start running to boost my confidence first?

CA Caitlin

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  1. Amanda

    Amanda Hi Caitlin, I'm quite a lot older than you but I know exactly how you feel. I was that person nearly read more2 year's ago except I wouldn't go near the gym or pool either. As Sharnie said a decent pair of trainer's and a good supportive running bra is all you need to help you feel a bit more comfortable to start with. I used C25k but any good app will do the same job. If you choose to go out alone then look straight ahead and focus on you obviously stay safe. You could go to park run as a supporter and chat to the volunteers about getting started, you could even volunteer as a tail walker see how it feels. Something else that may be available is a local C25k group it's this time of year they start. It won't be easy to start with but it will get better I can promise you that. I've lost 4 5st running, my biggest regret is worrying about what others would think and not starting my running journey earlier. Good luck, get those trainer's on log your runs on bug and start following people you will get the support here if you want it.

    0 9 Jan 19
  2. Ruth M C

    Ruth M C I can't really add much to what has already been said. However, as an older person.... the most read moreimportant thing I would say is that the people who matter will be supportive. If any sad inadequate person makes comments then it says more about them than you and they are not worth paying any attention to. Get out there and build up slowly and you will soon be making yourself proud!

    0 9 Jan 19
  3. rob k

    rob k Most people won't even notice you. The only ones who will are likely to be other runners and will be supportive.

    Start with getting some decent running shoes and then look at the C25K programme.

    As you progress think about getting involved with parkrun. If you don't feel ready to run it then you could volunteer which will be well received and help you to gain confidence.

    0 8 Jan 19
  4. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew It is daunting but just look at the end prize, you want it, go and get it. Like i said in the other read morepost, if you lined up at Parkrun next Saturday, no one will be looking at you. No one will be judging you. You just need to get out there, you can do it.

    0 8 Jan 19
  5. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 First up well done on making a decision to make a change - that's half the battle - next up - forget read morewhat other people think and don't compare yourself to other people. Down load the c25k or another beginner app, get some decent trainer's a good bra, and a nice comfy set of running gear (tight lycra is not compulsory whatever you see in the ads - just feel comfy) and go do it. We all took our first steps somewhere.

    If you struggle with your first few weeks just repeat weeks - that's fairly common. If you really can't face going in daylight head out early morning - just lay your kit out before you go to work and get up and get it done. But I think you'll find no one really pays any attention to runners except other runners. Go do it - this time next year you'll be wondering what you were so worried about 😊😊

    0 8 Jan 19