Don't you hate it when a favourite shoe, piece of kit etc. is discontinued? My favourite road shoe the Inov8 Bare-X 180 was discontinued last year, so, what stock that was left is disappearing now except for uncommon sizes, can't find my size anywhere anymore, I should have stocked up on a few pairs!!! I hope I manage to find another shoe I love as much one day! My current pair are still going strong, but I only wear them occasionally now, as a treat!

My Inov8 Road X-Treme 138's are very nice too, but, even though they're lighter, they still aren't as minimal underfoot as the Bare-X which has superior ground feel (no midsole and just 4mm of rubber between your foot and the ground), why on earth Inov8 discontinued the best road shoe they ever made I'll never understand!

Had any favourites discontinued lately?

GR Gruff70

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  1. AN

    Anonymous I think I've just had the same problem for my favourite Salamon shoes. So been on the Internet and read morebought the last 2 pairs for sale online in my size. I hope this can keep me going until the end of 2016.

    0 4 Apr 15
  2. ScotimusPrime
    0 3 Apr 15
  3. MrDorsett

    MrDorsett Of course bro...nothing in my size :(

    0 3 Apr 15
  4. ScotimusPrime

    ScotimusPrime That's awesome dude.

    Hey MrD, did you ever check out sportsshoes.com?

    0 3 Apr 15
  5. MrDorsett

    MrDorsett Nice :)

    0 2 Apr 15
  6. GR

    Gruff70 I JUST FOUND A PAIR OF BARE-X 180'S IN MY SIZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!![cough] Just thought I'd share that....

    0 2 Apr 15
  7. GR

    Gruff70 It's weird, Inov8 made the best alternative barefoot shoe to fivefingers (bare-x 180) and then gave up on road running shoes, I know it's a cut throat business, and at heart they're an off road shoe company, but they made such good road shoes! The Bare-X 180 (& 200) were basically fivefingers without the toes, other incarnations that are lighter e.g. xl 155 and bare-x 150 aren't actually as minimal as the 180/200, they were only lighter because they had an EVA all in one sole unit, which had less ground feel than just the rubber sole on the 180/200. Rubber is heavier but is stronger and can be much thinner than an EVA sole.I'd recommend you try the Merrell Road Glove, I have a pair and they're brilliant, also Vivobarefoot do some really nice looking shoes, they're another brand I've been meaning to try for a while, there's also the New Balance Minimus range that has had good reviews over recent years.

    This is my favourite website for minimalist shoe reviews which you might find useful: http://runblogger.com/2012/10/inov-8-bare-x-180-review-top-choice.html

    0 13 Mar 15
  8. MrDorsett

    MrDorsett yeah....ive looked at every single supplier listed on the inov8 website, looked at every single read moreinov8 product within each of those sites listed (ive not done a lot of work this morning...ssshhh) .... and NOBODY has ANY of the road-x-lite 155 in a size 10.5 :( ..... I have even written to Inov8 explaining my current situation because I have worked out that by the time race day comes around; my current pair will have done 1048km!!! they are not going to be a shoe I want to be running my first ever marathon in!

    Now im stuck! I need to find another shoe I can train in that has the same kind of style, drop, cushioning etc etc etc... so that I can at least now save my current shoes for race days.

    I do have the f-lite 192 but that's a zero drop shoe and I don't think it would be wise to tackle the marathon in them..... unless I just start training in those from here on in and then save the roadies for race day! .......aarrgghhh.....why the hell have they done this.... this means that I am going to have to find a new brand to move to if they aren't doing any road shoes now! :( ..... I don't want to move to another brand....I love my inov8 shoes! :( ...its a sad couple of days....Terry Pratchett dies, and now Inov8 kill the road range of their shoes!! :(  sad times!

    0 13 Mar 15
  9. GR

    Gruff70 I did 525 miles in my xl 155's before replacing them

    0 13 Mar 15
  10. ScotimusPrime

    ScotimusPrime She had mentioned that sportsshoes.com had purchased high volume of the road range and I noticed read morethey had some 155s in stock. Don't know if they had any in a 10.5. Definitely worth a wee look though.

    0 13 Mar 15
  11. MrDorsett

    MrDorsett All joking aside; this is serious!! I was planning on getting another pair next pay day because mine read moreonly have 300k-ish left before they enter the "should be replaced" region! And i think that will happen before london. I wanted a pair of fresh ones to break in for the marathon!!

    Oh dear....oh dear oh dear!! :/

    0 13 Mar 15
  12. MrDorsett


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  13. ScotimusPrime

    ScotimusPrime I was looking for the bare x 150 in UK size 8 and couldn't find them anywhere. I emailed Inov8 to read moresee what the script is and they informed me that the entire road range has been discontinued. Good news is that I've located a pair of 150s in an 8 and they should be with me in a day or so.

    0 12 Mar 15
  14. GR

    Gruff70 Well... I'm afraid it looks like they've discontinued the x lite 155 too, the road extreme range has read morealso disappeared, in fact, they haven't got a road running section at all on their new updated website, just fitness and off-road.

    0 12 Mar 15
  15. MrDorsett

    MrDorsett Ill cry if they stop doing the road x lite 155!!! I need to win me some cash so i can buy stacks of read morethem just in case!!! But i rarely see them in a 10.5 :(

    0 12 Mar 15