Elapsed time when uploading to the bug

Hello BT - another one... when syncing from strava (dont know if from garmin too) time displayed is elapsed time instead of run time. Can you please sort? thanks

Bianca Bianca

1 9 10 Jan 17

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  1. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 I don't use it so I don't really feel my comments are that valid :):) but I would DEFINITELY expect read moreit to use the same data across all platforms so run time imported for one run should be the same whichever app you upload it from!!

    0 11 Jan 17
  2. Bianca

    Bianca as you can see on the photo.. uploading a file results in the run being in KM although the time is read morecorrect.. and sync with strava (endomondo option disappeared?) results in the time not being correct

    0 11 Jan 17
  3. Bianca

    Bianca I agree, it used to take total time. Now it takes something elapsed time just for apps read more(strava/endomondo), different to Garmin which continues to be total time. I would like it to work the same way for all ways to automatically sync, whichever it is, if that's not too much to ask. thanks.

    0 11 Jan 17
  4. Keith

    Keith To be fair I'm not that fussy but I stop pause watch get out camera take pic put away and restart read morewatch, If I do that on a run two or three times that adds 5+ minuets on to my elapsed time. RB used to use total time now it uses elapsed time. So my run times on average are 5 mins longer here than strava.

    0 11 Jan 17
  5. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 But the occasions where elapsed time and running time are different would be pretty rare surely, so read moreon the rare occasions it happens it's as easy to let it log and clarify??

    1 11 Jan 17
  6. Keith

    Keith Elapsed time is the time including paused time ,total time is the actual run time and moving time read moreis calculated from movement. So I would think garmin total time should be used ?

    0 11 Jan 17
  7. Bianca

    Bianca I stopped the watch twice for toilet breaks so the elapsed time is not the time of this run - it read morewasn't a race, where if it had been, tough luck. run time in garmin and strava is exact, just on the bug it took the elapsed time instead, which never happened before when uploading a tcx. So basically the syncing from strava doesn't work

    0 11 Jan 17
  8. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Elapsed time IS the time you were running the watch for and would therefore be the time you recorded read morein race conditions - so isn't that the time you log?? The only time I change it is if I stop the watch for a pit stop (toilet break) - photo walk breaks, crossing roads, gates and stiles etc I leave in the run - they are the time it took for the run?? I know there is sometimes a difference between moving and elapsed time on the watch for salellite coverage loss but its rarely more than a minute or so?? Think Strava does the opposite to the bug and takes out ALL the time you were moving below a certain pace which is why it sometimes makes it look like you were moving faster than you were and records less elevation than you did because it ignores some of your uphill slow moving time ??

    1 11 Jan 17
  9. Keith

    Keith Yea same here, I stop to take photos on most runs so my times include photo time 😃

    1 10 Jan 17