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1 22 6 Jan 17

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  1. BA

    Bash2 Hi all I've been signed up for a fair while now but never really used the site so thought I'd give read moreit a go. I'm fairly new to running coming up to a year now. I'm taking on a few 10ks this year then hopefully get a ballot place in this years GNR. 👍. Any followers or support would be great.

    0 14 Jan 17
  2. Gothica xxx

    Gothica xxx Eek I forgot to use this to log my 10k runs . This year Ive signed up for Leeds half marathon and read moreYorkshire marathon it maybe a step too far interns of my current ability 😳

    0 12 Jan 17
  3. Andy Imms

    Andy Imms Hi all. I've been on here for about a year but only to log my runs, haven't done much on the social read moreside. I live in Birmingham and am doing my first ultra next month - Brecon to Cardiff 70km.

    0 12 Jan 17
  4. Nick.Craig

    Nick.Craig Give it 6 weeks and you'll be loving it I'm sure, winter miles /summer smiles!

    1 9 Jan 17
  5. CN

    CN20 Hi Jill, Thanks for the info. I'm in Ayr, there is a running group in Ayr but I can't make the days read morethey meet. I usually run by myself after work around Ayr town or down the shore which is good but it would be nice to have a bit of company sometimes.

    2 8 Jan 17
  6. JI

    Jill Slater Hi CN20 don't live there anymore now in Argyll but if you are in the 3 towns area (Stevenson, read moreSlatcoats, Adrossan) i know there is a running group not sure of name but they hold a yearly run in Adrossan South beach area so this may help you find people

    0 8 Jan 17
  7. SA

    Sarah Weaver Just staring back after 1.5 years off. Finding it difficult at the moment due to lack of fitness and read moreweight gain but am determined to persevere. Running 3 times a week at the moment, 20 mins each time so I don't get injured. Aiming for a 10k in Sept. Any tips will be gratefully received 😀

    0 8 Jan 17
  8. qprchelle

    qprchelle Currently training for my 3rd half marathon in March. Anyone from near dartford looking for a training buddy?

    0 8 Jan 17
  9. CN

    CN20 Anyone round about Ayrshire way (Scotland) looking for a running buddy? I've only been back at the read morerunning a few months but hoping to do the Great Scottish half marathon in October x

    1 8 Jan 17
  10. Joanne

    Joanne I'm new to running so looking for other beginners to keep motivated.

    2 7 Jan 17
  11. RaviFromReading

    RaviFromReading Hi Folks - anyone based out of Reading. I run about 2-3 times a week including a long run at the weekend.

    0 7 Jan 17
  12. Mike

    Mike Anyone around monmouthshire? Absolute beginner but loving running. Know a load of ppl in Nottingham but living in s.wales now

    0 7 Jan 17
  13. martincase_74

    martincase_74 Anybody from Torbay or Devon on here 😊 thinking about doin' the Torbay Half Marathon this year 👍

    0 7 Jan 17
  14. roland.robson.39

    roland.robson.39 Hi Sarah lots of people lack motivation in the new year but just get out and do little runs not to read morefar to make you fed up and in time you will get your motivation back.good luck with your 10k.

    1 7 Jan 17
  15. D

    D Anyone in the USA?

    1 7 Jan 17
  16. Christopher Carley

    Christopher Carley Good luck with the first half marathon. Did my first half last october, doing another in march myself.

    2 6 Jan 17
  17. Nazzurro19


    0 6 Jan 17
  18. roland.robson.39

    roland.robson.39 Hi just starting back after injuring myself in snowdonia marathon next year interested in other peoples thoughts.

    0 6 Jan 17
  19. Herbie Chapman

    Herbie Chapman Hi All. I'm attempting my first half marathon on March 26th and could really do with some read moreenthusiastic support to keep me focused! Would love to hear from you.

    3 6 Jan 17
  20. SA

    Sarah H Hi, I signed up to my first 10km before Xmas and haven't been able to get motivated in the new year read moreyet. It's in a few months but I'm worried I won't be ready in time. Would love some motivation if anyone has any I can borrow? 😂

    2 6 Jan 17