Getting worse

Got an odd problem. So I've been running for 18 months now and have progressively gotten better. Have run 5 HMs in a pb time of 2:13. However, I am now really struggling with enthusiasm but it is now getting really difficult.

The other night, I couldn't even manage 6km at a fairly slow pace. As a result, I dread going out (I'm always pleased when I do).

I know it isn't a simple question but any ideas what might be going on? Anyone else had the same problem? What did you do to get over it?

I have a further 2 HMs in the new year and am now dreading them.



SC Scott

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  1. Chris Pattison

    Chris Pattison Some good advice here re a visit to the docs for some blood tests and also looking at what you are read moreeating and drinking. I would also think about going out on a few runs to new places, go off road and leave your watch at home, forget about the science of running ... just go out to run and enjoy and see where it takes you. Well worth spicing things up a little.

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  2. RunningTheWorld

    RunningTheWorld Hi Scott, just from your comments about the drop in enthusiasm and dread of going out, it sounds to read moreme like you've just made running into a very not-fun part of your life. If you don't enjoy something that takes a lot of discipline, you'll never be able to keep it up. There are lots of ways to make the experience more enjoyable, and a mix of them might show what works best for you. These things work for me: use your runs to explore new neighborhoods, do more trail running and experience the joys of nature while out there, periodically wake your mind up to feel with all your senses this wonderful moment of being alive. Running helps clear your head, and you can get some of your most creative ideas while out on a run. But maybe you'd respond better to more social aspects, so try running with a group that has a fun, no-pressure attitude. I've run for over 42 years, and I never found it something that I had to force myself to do: I always looked forward to getting out in the fresh air, feeling nature around me and just giving myself permission to let my mind wander where it will.

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  3. SC

    Scott Vicky - could be. I'll see what I can get

    0 3 Dec 18
  4. Vicky65

    Vicky65 Maybe a visit to the doctors might be in order? Blood tests might reveal a deficiency that is affecting your performance.

    0 3 Dec 18
  5. SC

    Scott John. Eating and Drinking might be something to look at. Week off started it all going downhill :-). read moreMeercat - I was mixing it up - doing tempo, easy long runs (18km) - now I'm barely able to do 6km at whatever pace I can manage!! I did 12km last weekend and hurt for 3 days after. It is weird.

    0 3 Dec 18
  6. JO

    John Are you eating and drinking enough? Get the right amount of carbs and protein? Have a week off as a break and then try again.

    0 2 Dec 18
  7. meercat 58

    meercat 58 Hi Scott just wondering whether you mix up your sessions or do you just go out for miles at a similar pace?

    0 1 Dec 18
  8. SC

    Scott I should add that it is physically becoming increasing difficult - it isn't just mojo

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