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I have Just got back into running after not running for over 7 years after leaving the navy, and have totally fell in love with it again. I have been back running for 2 weeks, running 3/4 times a week. I'm currently about 85kg and roughly 10kg over my perfect lean weight as I'm 5ft 9. I've signed up to do a half marathon on the 11th of June which means i have roughly 12 weeks to prepare for it. Tonight I done a 7km run in 35 mins which I never raced but ran at a pace that was just beyond comfortable. Is there anyway to judge with the weight loss and consistent training where i should be aiming for as a goal time to try and achieve that is realistic and to give me something to work towards as I have never raced before over any distance. Thanks in advance. Richie

Richard Richard

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  1. Mark.Oliver

    Mark.Oliver You can create a plan in https://my.asics.com that will tailor to you. I used it for my first HM and read moretold it I wanted a sub 2 hours. I finished in 1hr 53mins 41secs.

    So worth a try?

    0 21 Mar 17
  2. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield There's lots of different HM training plans on the internet - and they usually make clear what read morestarting point they are assuming, eg in terms of how many miles a week you are already running. I would identify one that relates to your situation and with which you feel comfortable and go with that. (But treat it as a guide and not a master.)

    In terms of identifying target pace - I wouldn't worry too much about that in the first instance. I'd concentrate on getting the basics in place as will be set out in a systematic plan - notably of steadily building up your endurance (but gradually so as to minimise risk of injury). There are race time predictors you can use to get a rough idea. For example, the Runners World race time predictor suggests that if you recently raced a 5k in 25 minutes that could equate to a predicted time of approx 1:53:54 for a HM. (But obviously all such calculations are based on the assumption that you have done the training for the distance in question!)

    0 20 Mar 17
  3. Nick.Craig

    Nick.Craig I would say ,sub 1hr 50 is a good beginner target for half Marathon my advice would be find yourself read morea plan to follow from the internet to give your training some structure and see where it leads, good luck!

    0 20 Mar 17