How Do You Choose your Shoes

This is not about type of shoe you need but what you pick. Today i recieved my new New Balance 1080's. They are white. People have commented saying why buy white etc. Well, i dont really care what colour to they are. I know which shoes i need so look for them. If my preferred coloyr was blue but the white shoes were cheaper, I'd buy the white.

Do people actually care what colour they buy.

IPS Meldrew IPS Meldrew

0 26 8 Jan 19

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  1. ceefin61

    ceefin61 I once bought a pair of runners that would have warranted sunglasses to view. I didn't really want read moreto try them on but they were part of the selection the sales assistant brought over. But when I tried them on they just felt right. So I bought them. 2 days later after one x-country session they were the same colour as all my previous running shoes.

    So no, I don't care what colour I buy :)

    0 11 Jan 19
  2. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice Not really bothered about colour not a fashion policeman to be honest . Walsh PB don't have much of read morecolour choice . I think it's just a sales pitch all different colours

    0 11 Jan 19
  3. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield As I have fairly specialist requirements I basically go for the shoe I need in whatever colour is read moreavailable. But I am pleased when the shoe I need is available in a bright colour.

    0 10 Jan 19
  4. RR123

    RR123 Just reading through all the comments on this. Wow Sharnie new trainers every 6-7weeks! And I read morethought my 2 pairs in a year was high :D I go for what type of trainer I need, what feels good and price. If, however, there are 2 pairs at same price, I will go with the colour I prefer.

    0 10 Jan 19
  5. Mark

    Mark I go in. I ask for some supportive road shoes. They bring out a selection. I try them on. I take the read morepair that felt the best. Doesn't matter what brand or colour.

    0 9 Jan 19
  6. Jackie Tr

    Jackie Tr It doesn't matter what colour they are as long as they are comfortable.

    0 9 Jan 19
  7. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi LOL a shoe is a shoe. Iv work neon before as they were cheaper then the other mundane colours!.. read morethey all get dirty in the end whatever colour you get :)

    0 9 Jan 19
  8. steve c

    steve c Should have also said the new balance 1080 V8 should have been £124 .99 pence

    0 9 Jan 19
  9. steve c

    steve c Normally I would stay well clear of buying white running shoes for the simple fact I try to keep my read morerunning shoes looking good, I know that sounds mad but that's just me. But only two weeks ago I bought the very same, New balance 1080 V8 white and the reason being was because they was in the sale and they were £36 cheaper for this particular model. Did try on the latest model 1080 v9 but they felt slightly different to the V8 and of course the cost was a factor £135 for 1080 v9.

    0 9 Jan 19
  10. SharonMc

    SharonMc I tend to know what shoes I want so then it's a case of finding them as cheap as I can, I do prefer read morebright colours - the brighter the better for some reason but definitely not pink!

    0 9 Jan 19
  11. Nathalie R

    Nathalie R Most important for me are support, quality and comfort. I don't care much about the colour because read moreafter a week they'll be brownish grey anyway!

    0 9 Jan 19
  12. Dee27

    Dee27 Comfort is the priority and decent quality. Colour is a factor, not so keen on girlie pink or read morefluorescent colours but if they were a real bargain, I would choose a colour I'm not keen on. Mind you, I did draw the line re colour when hunting for a second hand car a few years back, there were two cars, both the same model but one was metallic pink. It was about £500 cheaper because nobody wanted it but I just couldn't face driving it!

    0 9 Jan 19
  13. Amanda

    Amanda I need to put me glasses back on read sharnies post as 'groping salmon 😯😯

    I've gone from I need to be coordinated to I need to be comfortable .I've realised I'm going to go through quite a few pairs this year so price is a big factor now. I actually quite like Ian's white ones, we shall need a pic in a few weeks though Ian

    1 8 Jan 19
  14. Jilly

    Jilly I actually do care what colour I buy, but wouldn't pay a ridiculous amount just to say have a blue. read moreQuite like black anyway and most colours, so guess I'm not that fussy.

    Never thought about white. My son always wears white trainers and there's a guy at track who wears white, and he is FAST. Now if a colour made you speedier....

    0 8 Jan 19
  15. lizzy

    lizzy White kicks always look good at first but get grubby, my OCD would not cope. I'm a colour fan, so do read moreget drawn to brighter colours. If they get dirty I'm not too bad, love the look of white pumps just stay clear of them.

    As for running and all footwear other have got to fit and be comfortable and fit for purpose. I'm not a designer fan, so that's never a issue. Price does come In to it, once I have in my head which pair I want I will shop around for cheapest site or shop? sad to say but white and black would be my least favourite running kicks. You know me and mud Ian, white wouldn't be any good for me lol.. your choice, be boring if we all liked the same colours and shoe, 😊

    0 8 Jan 19
  16. meercat 58

    meercat 58 @sharnie...."gopping"😆😆😆 havent heard that one for ages but I can understand the description re read moresalmon pink trainers 😄😄 still would prefer them over white tho 😄😄

    0 8 Jan 19
  17. Emma12

    Emma12 I go for price and reviews, as long as they are comfy I'm not fussed on colour, it just happens I read morehaven't bought white trainers for years!

    0 8 Jan 19
  18. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Lol @mc - when I need a new pair of trainer's every 6-7 weeks I'm in the white trainer camp 🤣🤣 I read morehave a seriously gopping pair of salmon pink Adidas boost that I got for £38 but they run the same as the full price ones - they just don't match any socks in the known universe 🤣🤣

    0 8 Jan 19
  19. meercat 58

    meercat 58 @Ian nope not even £30 !

    0 8 Jan 19
  20. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew @ MC not even if the white ones were £20 cheaper ?

    0 8 Jan 19