Inside leg pains HELP!!

Hi ive been running since October last year 2016..I ran with my trainer but as a beginner I as doing 2 ,4 ,5,7 miles and instead of doing the 10%rule I over did it to.much to soon,which caused a muscle tear and couldn't run for about a week it was so painfull,went it was fine to run again I just started again but worked up slowly and did the "couch to 5k " which helped me tremendously but that's some to an end so I've started to go.my game now and do 10k as I know I'm able of doing it,but I went for a few 3 and 4 milers before Xmas and the other day I did 5k but my inner shins are hurting again slightly just worried about doing another injury but surely I should be fine now,I did do about 3 big hills too :(..and I've been doing warm ups and stretches, just wondering if any one could help please thank you

TR Tracey

0 4 9 Jan 17

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  1. TR

    Tracey Yeah true just get a bit worried as I've got into running now..thanks

    0 9 Jan 17
  2. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Is it the same pain in the same place as the strain??.. these niggles can crop up at any given time ;)

    1 9 Jan 17
  3. TR

    Tracey Well I first though that the last time but it wasn't so the "docter" said apparently it was a muscle read morestrain half to do it the feet gaige but I've got all that sorted because I have high arches so I had to buy some insoles etc and since then my.legs have been fine it was since I that bit extra run :( Thank You for your reply x

    0 9 Jan 17
  4. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Sounds like it could be shin splints.. I would Rice them for a couple of days and then see how they feel :)

    0 9 Jan 17