Is anyone one running with high blood pressure medication

Running with high blood pressure medication,I've just started high blood pressure medication and was wondering if anyone else is running with this type of medication as I'm meant to be training for Stirling marathon,I appreciate that I should take professional advice but just wanted some feedback from similar runners.

Locharbriggs running Locharbriggs running

0 9 8 Feb 17

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  1. SU

    sue I have high blood pressure and take ramipril 10mg and indapamide 2.5mg - my cardiologist suggested read more45+ minutes exercise daily when I was first diagnosed ... even my gp thought it was a bit much!! However I started running when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 9 months ago, and having reversed my abnormal blood sugars im now on a mission to get off my bp medication!

    1 19 Apr 17
  2. Locharbriggs running

    Locharbriggs running MrsJasper been running for 7 years and done 6 marathons albeit not great times,but diagnosed with read morehigh blood pressure in February at age 43 and seems since then my long runs have suffered and I cant complete,im thinking my first batch of lisinopril were a different brand to my current brand it seems since I changed ive suffered thats how I feel.

    Do I just accept thats the downside or experiment.

    I was due to do Stirling marathon next month but whats the point.

    0 18 Apr 17
  3. MR

    MrsJasper If you are newly diagnosed with high blood pressure, I would strongly advise that you don't run at read moreall until you've had an ecg to confirm that you don't have any abnormal heart rythmns that could be dangerous. Speaking as a nurse who treats high blood pressure (although I'm still learning) it's really refreshing to see someone who wants to do something positive for their health. So many of my patients think their health is my responsibility so well done for taking some action yourself.

    1 18 Apr 17
  4. Locharbriggs running

    Locharbriggs running Ive stopped my marathon training as the medication is affecting my endurance I just cant do it feels read morelike im hitting the wall which is very frustrating as I was fine b4 going on the meds,its a double edge sword.

    Surely I can lower it naturally as something must be causing it not just being hereditary.

    0 17 Apr 17
  5. SO

    Soo60 I had open heart surgery 3 years ago to replace the aortic valve with a mechanical one. The read moremedication they gave me initially made me feel as though I was wading through treacle. My surgeon agrees its doesn't suit everyone. I'm back to running all distances including 3 day challenges. I run how I feel on the day.

    0 28 Feb 17
  6. Runnerdoc

    Runnerdoc I had a heart attack 3 years ago and a bypass last year. I am on bisoprolol, perindopril and read morestatins. I try to run at least 4 times a week, (rota permitting)!

    The beta blockers do slow you down!!

    Keep running! It is good for your heart. It certainly was for mine!!

    1 23 Feb 17
  7. CK

    ckoerner I started running after a heart attack 7yrs ago at the age of 38. I was able to stay off blood read morepressure meds unitl just over a year and a half ago. As soon as I went on bp meds my running went down hill. Lost over a minute a mile. I'm on about my 8th med now trying to find something that works. Two weeks ago I started lisinopril. I got my speed back but have major calf cramps when running. Last night I went for a 4mile run and had to walk the last two because of calf cramps. Work with your doctor to find one that works if you have issues.

    1 22 Feb 17
  8. Locharbriggs running

    Locharbriggs running I'm on lisinopril and was wondering if others run with medication no problem.

    0 8 Feb 17
  9. Nazzurro19

    Nazzurro19 i have high blood pressure- diagnosed at 15 i'm on amplodaphine (maybe spelt wrong) i've never once read moretaken my tablets and i used to run most days, i will run again as soon as my knee injury goes

    1 8 Feb 17