Ladies - sports bras :)

Ladies only, (I think!) I need good running bra suggestions. The ones I've got are lovely but tend to become sweat buckets rapidly (due to padding?) and as soon as I stop, they become ice buckets and I have to rip them off asap.

I've got H&M and M&S atm but perhaps I need a sports brand? Have tried BoobyDoo but need to be Houdini to get in and out of it. I'm not well endowed but would still like something supportive, non chafing and BREATHABLE. I'm actually happy to pay up to £40 as getting a bit fed up now. That should be more than enough, shouldn't it?

Thank you in advance :)

Jilly Jilly

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  1. JA

    Jack REI Cross-Training Bra is fantastic for running! I had three bras before but thiso one the best for me

    0 2 Dec 18
  2. Jilly

    Jilly Thank you everyone for your comments - really appreciated 😊

    1 30 Aug 18
  3. ME

    Meabh Decathlon will give you supportive sports bras without breaking the bank, and there are many read moredifferent ones to choose from (light training, medium training and peak training, running, yoga and many more I think)! They are a sports brand I love and if you don't find one there try sports direct

    1 30 Aug 18
  4. LE

    Leah Hi I’m with Robyn the Shock absorber is excellent! Expensive but worthy the money I ve got three read moreand they are as good as they were on day 1.

    2 27 Aug 18
  5. DI

    Diana To be honest I have that problem with all of my gym clothes - if I get sweaty and cool off in it read moreafter...eek! I've realized that I feel the most comfortable in http://www.ryderwear.com.au gym wear. Something about fabrics makes whole experience a lot better

    1 22 Aug 18
  6. CH

    Chlo1 I like Runderwear and Under Armour.

    1 14 Jun 18
  7. Jilly

    Jilly Thank you everyone for your advice, Shock Absorber seem a popular choice 👍

    1 16 Apr 18
  8. RO

    Robyn Shock Absorber Ultimate Run for me. They batten down the hatches nicely, I find, and so far I've not read moresuffered any chafing either, even when running in it in torrential rain during a 5k a few weeks ago. If you have an Outlet store near you they can be got for a far more sensible price than RRP too - pretty sure I paid £44 for 2. I'm not convinced there is a sports bra out there that you don't need to be houdini to get into and out of though! Agree with what @hari24 says about band sizes coming up small though - I have to go up a band size.

    1 16 Apr 18
  9. LGoody

    LGoody I also wear a shock absorber. Super supportive (I have a large chest) and honestly i'm sure they read moredon't move at all. really comfy and no chafing underneath :)

    1 13 Apr 18
  10. Shock Absorber every time for me. I find the supermarket ones aren't anywhere near as supportive. read moreThe Shock Absorber Run offers veryfirm support but if you don't need quite so much you can use the Multi Sports (I use them for gym work). I buy from Wiggle - and ALWAYS in the sale - if you don't mind some bright colourways then you can get a bargain. http://www.wiggle.co.uk/shock-absorber-ultimate-run-bra-4/

    1 13 Apr 18
  11. Curly66

    Curly66 I also wear shock absorbers and think they are great. Also wear runderwear knickers and socks.

    1 8 Mar 18
  12. Jilly

    Jilly @Hari- thank you. Hadn't considered Runderwear 👍

    0 8 Mar 18
  13. HA

    Hari24 I also like the shock absorber but find the chest band measures on the small side- so care with read moresizing. For longer runs and if you're not rocking the Pamela Anderson look i also really like the Runderwear bra tops, I would wear a 34B (maybe C in some brands) and got a medium Runderwear and it keeps everything in place, and is so comfy and no sweaty boobs this is now my go to bra for long runs, excellent for the temperature control (hot and cold).

    Happy Shopping,

    1 8 Mar 18
  14. FBM

    FBM I wear shock absorbers and they are great.

    1 7 Mar 18
  15. ceefin61

    ceefin61 I have tried lots of sports/running bras including Champion, JJB, M&S, Tesco and Brooks. But 2 years read moreago I bought a Shock Absorber running bra because they were on a really good sale. I don't think I would by any other brand now. Especially the two fasteners. The clip at the neck is a godsend. No more contortionist tricks to get free before a shower. And when it's on, and I'm running, those puppies do not move. At all. And it's so comfortable I don't notice it's on. I would highly recommend it

    1 7 Mar 18
  16. Daisy70

    Daisy70 I've used the M&S strongest support (no padding) for years without problem x

    1 7 Mar 18
  17. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Lol @Jilly - think we've all struck that pose :):):) - ain't no fast way out of a sports bra that's for sure :)

    1 6 Mar 18
  18. Jilly

    Jilly @Bill - you stick to your Pina Colada sipping - I hope it's not windy there 😉🍹🍹🍹

    0 6 Mar 18
  19. Gael01

    Gael01 I’ve had shock absorber up to now, but just switched to M and S and can now breath!

    1 5 Mar 18
  20. Raiderbill

    Raiderbill This is loose women at it's finest!! Same time next week please Jilly 😂

    1 5 Mar 18