Long run and unhelpful passer-by comments

It's my first marathon and I ran 18 miles yesterday for the first time- I should feel elated but I suddenly just want to quit! I'm a slow runner (probably over 5.5 hour marathon finish) and yesterday in the last say 4 miles I was hurting, hanging on, running slow. I had people start to comment as I passed them, making fun of how slow I was running. In my last mile, I was in agony- I passed two teenage girls who said "look at that lady and how terrible she is at running". At that point I had to sit down and have a bit of a cry. Wondering what on earth I'm doing signing up for this. I'm not great at running I'm not fast, but I'm running at the minute 30 miles a week doing my best. But I feel like I have no business doing this. I know I should think "to hell with those people and their comments" but it's hurt my confidence so badly. Has anyone else had experience with people being a bit mean to them on runs?

WI Windinthewillows

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  1. Claudia

    Claudia You know what? Screw them! I run super, super slow as well, who cares... at least we are out there read moreand giving it a go. Week after week after week. I feel disheartened when I see super toned fast runners (well, I'm not only slow I'm also pretty floppy) but then (normally) they smile. They say hi and you feel a real sense of camaraderie. Those pesky teenagers don't have a clue, they aren't the ones getting out there pushing themselves. You kno what it takes and how much goodness you get from running. Your opinion counts, yours only! By the way, I wish I could run 18 miles.

    1 27 Aug 17
  2. PH

    philc7 Just wish I could run 18 miles. I take my hat off to you.

    0 23 Aug 17
  3. Joel

    Joel I just ignore them and focus on my running. Maybe you could listen to music as you run in the read morefuture. Another thing you could do is positive affirmations before you being begin your day.


    0 23 Aug 17
  4. Chelly

    Chelly I'm late in answering.. But (some) people suck. But you.. YOU are bad ass! I've done a dozen plus read more(slow) half marathons and I've never done 18 miles! That's amazing and inspirational. Ignore the nasty little people and you just keep doing you!

    0 18 Aug 17
  5. Angry44

    Angry44 I know it's a bit late this comment, but you did 18 miles!!!

    You are an inspiration, and if anybody fails to see that, it's only because they have no idea how much hard work you have put into that.

    I hope that you kept getting out there after this, I don't normally post in here but felt like you deserved to know what most of us think!

    3 13 Aug 17
  6. gwendoll16

    gwendoll16 It's just not worth letting the comments of people you will never encounter again get in the way of read moreyour achievement. They have no idea about the distance you've just traveled under your own steam and simply haven't been taught any manners. Some people are just idiots. You don't have to waste energy being angry or sad. It's not actually personal and they couldn't do the thing you're doing. When you sat down and wondered why you were doing this was the answer 'to please two stupid girls'? Do your thing, do it proudly. If I had money for every time some clever Herbert threw their dumbs comments at me I'd never have to worry about saving to buy running shoes ever again. Comments about my figure, the fact that I breather heavily so I must be unfit (I have asthma), actually standing up from eating lunch to make unfriendly gestures at me. Urgh. I just think: stuff you buddy! You have NO idea the things my wheezy, jiggly, tired body can do.

    1 13 Aug 17
  7. GA

    Gavin I have been running about 4 to 5 weeks. I'm not fast and I joined a running group yesterday which read moremade me realised how slow I am compared to these experienced runners. But they were so supportive and encouraging. Maybe joining a running club in your town would be useful. But at least you are getting out there and having a go. I'm trying for a 10k in 6 weeks and that's tough, but your aiming for a marathon. Go for it and think of your achievement. 😀

    1 13 Aug 17
  8. Roxanne

    Roxanne I feel for you that this made you doubt yourself. But the fact you ran 18 miles,wow! That's your read morebusiness right there! I'm very much a beginner. I'm up to about 5k but I've gone from not doing any exercise at all so I do have to keep stopping to walk which can frustrate me. I'm realising that part of the sense of achievement in being a runner is getting out there and doing it. Other people aren't and there is always the option not to. I aspire to be at your level :) Someone passed me just yesterday when I was walking alone and commented "does nobody love you". Idiotic. You'd think people would be nice or just don't say anything ha. But then it's not easy and that's what makes it worth it! Good thoughts xx

    1 11 Aug 17
  9. Beth

    Beth You're running a marathon that's an amazing thing most people won't even dream of in their life. read moreYou're ace, don't let stupid comments get you down!

    1 28 Jun 17
  10. MI

    MikeG1 What marathon was this? First I've heard of abuse during an event rather than when training. Most read morespectators are very supportive but, like anything else, a few idiots will often spoil it. Try to put it behind you and keep on running.

    1 12 Jun 17
  11. Jay

    Jay It's horrible how some people can be but if that's their attitude then karma is always ready & waiting

    1 12 Jun 17
  12. Claire72

    Claire72 We all have to put up with these idiots from time to time. Ignore them and use this community get read moreeven better than you are already. We are all awesome!!

    1 11 Jun 17
  13. Nikita

    Nikita YOU are Amazing!! DO NOT give up. Those people are mean and Bullys. they are proberly jelous that read moreyou can run. keep up the good work and ignore your critics

    1 10 Jun 17
  14. Printerman

    Printerman Ignore those idiots. They couldn't keep up with you if they could be bothered to put a pair of read moreshoes on. When you are at your lowest and are receiving snide comments cast your mind back to the total strangers (friends) you have on here who are spurring you on. I'd love to complete a marathon so you are well ahead of me!!!

    1 6 Jun 17
  15. kevin.baldwin.524

    kevin.baldwin.524 Ignore the idiots

    It sounds like you are doing amazing

    1 4 Jun 17
  16. Happy

    Happy try yoga Pranayama


    1 2 Jun 17
  17. TimmyTwoSheds

    TimmyTwoSheds It's only natural to have an ebb and flow in motivation, particularly as the ache of those miles read moredrags on your heart and soul. Growth and development are invariably accompanied by some discomfort, but know that each time you press on beyond your previously perceived limits, you become physically, mentally and spiritually stronger than you were before. If you persevere, you will transcend. With regard to snide comments from teenagers, well, they're just kids that have practically no experience of life. No point trying to explain it because they clearly already know everything. In my experience, such verbal flatulence from strangers is like a cloud of mozzies: Briefly annoying in passing, irritating if you let it bite, but ultimately insignificant.

    1 2 Jun 17
  18. GI

    Gillian Ignore them! I get that sort of stuff too. I just smile wave and keep going. My daughter found a read morequote that I've copied and got stuck to my fridge door; "I may be slow, but I'm lapping everyone on the couch"

    4 1 Jun 17
  19. SL

    Slightly less Failed runner Ahh don't let them get you down,I've had loads of horrible remarks.just completed my first half read moremarathon Sunday,I had lots of insults about "any slower and you'll be walking"..speed up grandma (I'm 42)...also been attacked by an American Akita,and even tho you feel exhausted,how amazing are you going to feel when you cross that finish line and join the marathon club..I'm only dreaming of marathon at the moment so I think ur brilliant.well done you'll get there.💪🏼🏃🏽

    2 2 May 17
  20. ZO

    1z2o3e Just think of them as people for you to run straight past! Keep going - what you're doing is just brilliant.

    1 1 May 17