Lost friends

Seem to have quite a few bug friends who have obviously had enough of this site as they haven't posted for a while, I know their still running as I've seen them on fetch and Strava, anybody else in the same boat? seems people are leaving in their droves, can't say I blame them really :(

Dave from sussex Dave from sussex

2 28 8 Jan 17

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  1. Runnerdoc

    Runnerdoc I have only just started running again. I have found it difficult to motivate myself.

    Hopefully the Bugsys will cure that!!

    0 14 Jan 17
  2. MA

    mara I'm glad I found this awesome runners community. Super inspiring pots here. I’m not exactly an athlete, but an enthusiast runner. I run with running app as it calculates my progress along with distance, time, pace and calories. What runner apps do you guys use for running training?

    0 11 Jan 17
  3. Jilly

    Jilly Like the pub analogy especially as dry January is a complete failure. Will be moving onto tearooms read morein February or possibly March if anyone cares for a cuppa?

    Seriously though - I really want the bugmile stats back with the month chart at the side plus pm. Perhaps I should send another email...

    2 10 Jan 17
  4. Bianca

    Bianca Think the pub analogy is not good as you can definitely enjoy a beer pretty much anywhere.

    However, it is ok to not get enough value for what the site is at the moment, as said, it is reduced to log runs - there's no other form of interaction or running value with any useful stat.

    Is it perfectly acceptable that that's not enough for some of us - we didn't want this, bug did this with no need may I remind as why launch a site half finished

    1 10 Jan 17
  5. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 @simon think I'll be enjoying a reasonably priced pint of local ale in good company and put up with read morethe poor decor for a while yet - it's a shame you won't be rejoining us 😶😜☹️

    1 9 Jan 17
  6. pcheetham

    pcheetham I'm still using this site as my main record, but mostly for the social aspect and the support, which read moreNONE of the other sites can replicate. I have been a bit lax lately, mainly due to time constraints, and I am finding this site a bit frustrating at present. It's the support and the friends aspect that really made the bug, and nothing else comes close (yet)

    1 9 Jan 17
  7. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Oh don't get me started AGAIN !!.. like a lot of others iv got fingers toes legs crossed that these read morepromised changes that are to be implemented from Jan actually does happen!!. I LOVED the bug but only just tolerate it and thats only because of you guys. I'm on Garmin but that's about it and like Sharnie I don't have the time to be members of various other sites.. this takes up enough of my time so I'm not bailing out YET. But if things don't improve I feel I will lose the will :)

    0 9 Jan 17
  8. Keith

    Keith Lol Simon, loving the weather weatherspoon thing. No matter what the other sites have they don't read morehave this mix of forum and run logging. It will be nice when it's finnished (if ever) and it will be good to get some of the old things back. Now I have got used to reading everything backwards, the run logging works it's not too bad and I still feel it's more friendly than all other sites.

    Face book is just way too much all over the place.

    I think that if people come back log a few runs you will soon get used to it ...

    2 9 Jan 17
  9. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield All very frustrating. I joined TRB for logging runs - and then found a bunch of supportive running read morefriends and I liked the friendly ethos - including those I wasn't "friends" with - eg encouragement given to newcomers. Hanging in there for time being - as I would be very disappointed to lose contact with friends. But, if I was looking for a new site there is no way I would join TRB in its current state - as so much has deteriorated sharply in this revamp. Realistically, if the proportion of many Bugs' friends "dropping off" grows that is bound to reduce the motivation of the remainers.

    1 9 Jan 17
  10. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew But none of the other sites are the finished article either and the bug still has its social read moreinteraction between friends. The social side of bug is what mostly made it, and that bit is still here.

    I hope bug towers is reading this thread, they need to pull their finger out, think we can agree on that.

    5 9 Jan 17
  11. @Ian, I'm not checking in here - just popped on briefly last night to see if the site had improved read more(it hadn't) - Fetch is good for the race listings but rubbish for the social interaction. Agree with you about the effect of multiple sites, but I'm really struggling to see the upside of this site since it was revamped. To continue the pub analogy, I'm probably going to give this one a wide berth unless it's improved.

    0 9 Jan 17
  12. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew It would still be better to talk to you all in a Wetherspoons than not at all though. And it read morewouldn't be practical to talk to a few in the Wetherspoons, pop across to the dog & duck to say hi to 1 person, then go to the Prince of Wales to speak to a few more , and I'd get p#@@$d and have to do a hangover run.

    But I agree with yours and Bi's sentiments. I started on fetch as 1, to keep another record of runs and 2 for if we HAD to leave the bug. I don't use it though as I don't faceache or garmin other than to keep records. Like I said before, no one is happy with the present bug and for the moment I'm keeping the faith it will be restored to former glory. Your (simon) still obviously checking in here so why not post your runs and let still support you, surely it's better than nothing.

    2 9 Jan 17
  13. Just thought of how to sum up my feelings about all this while making a brew at work. If one day you read morewent to your favourite, independent local pub and found that it had been completely gutted, re-fitted with new but bland decor, only now served Carling and had been taken over by Wetherspoons, would you still keep going there? No.

    3 9 Jan 17
  14. Bianca

    Bianca Bianca23 Similar to Simon, I have been a bug since I started running and probably would not have read morecome this far if it wasn't for the bug. I married a fellow bug and the spriggs are like family to us.

    The features that allowed all of this was not only logging miles - which is what the site is reduced to now -, but private messages asking advice, the groups, the going to the "introduce yourself forum" and get new friends and then go there and friend a newbie and the only and only group where we could interact differently...

    The bug right now is just a place to log runs. Not even a stat of weekly miles, or anything basic related to that. Nothing. I desperately wanted to look how I was doing January 2015 and not even that was not an easy task.

    Almost every time I logged in the site this past week something new was failing, photos, notifications, bugmiles not adding up - giving me extra grief for little value.

    I have nobody on here that I don't have at least on garmin/strava/fb - I do appreciate here is where we speak about our runs, for me, logging to the bug gives me a sense of accountability. But it's too little a functionality really.

    I'm not a bug who had the intention to leave already and took this as a great opportunity, likewise, I'm not a bug that will stay here no matter what because there is a lack of alternative. I agree nothing will ever be like the bug we knew, but if I have to leave as it's not giving me enough satisfaction once the aforementioned changes are implemented, Sadly, I will do it and will have to move on.

    2 9 Jan 17
  15. ceefin61

    ceefin61 I haven't been logging much because I've been quite ill since before Christmas and I don't even want read moreto run. Over the years I have experienced many of the changes that the Bug has gone through, adding to the enjoyment of interacting with other runners. This change seems like a huge step backwards to me but I am willing to wait awhile and see if the promised improvements materialise. This is the only running related site that I've ever used so I'm loathe to go elsewhere but I will if it stays like this

    0 9 Jan 17
  16. Hi Dave – wanted to put my thoughts to this thread as one of the missing bugs.

    I first found this site in Aug 2013, when looking for races to enter; in the last year I’ve had to add them myself, having already found them elsewhere.

    Anyway, back in 2013 I’d never heard of a site where you log your miles like this, it felt a bit weird but I gave it a go. Mick Lee was one of the first people to give me some positive support, it was nice. It was fantastic to meet Mick at Ian & Sharnie’s wedding in Nov 2015, and again at Mad Dog 10k in Feb 2016 – in fact it’s great to have made such good friends through the site and met them.

    Throughout the last 3 years the site has been one element of my running social network. I discovered parkrun through a thread on here (thanks to Garry B) and made a load of good friends at Hanley parkrun.

    There have been a number of times when the direction the site has taken has left me questioning my continued involvement – lots of embarrassing clickbait, which everyone objected to – and the Puma points challenge which beggared belief in how far it stretched regular users patience. Finally, in 2016, we got the chance to buy tech tees with Running Bug on them, after years of requests. I bought two, and started a thread so folks could show where they’d worn theirs. No-one responded on the thread, whereas in years gone by TRB would have started this themselves.

    Then the unannounced relaunch, and the abandonment of everything from the previous three years, and a complete change of ownership. The lack of engagement by the site owners suddenly made sense.

    I really miss the bug as it was, but until it resembles a site that I have respect for, I’d rather leave it alone. The present incarnation is just too painful to endure. I really want to keep in touch with all the good friends I’ve made here, but if they choose to tie themselves to the hollowed-out remains of a once great site, it’s going to be challenging.

    1 9 Jan 17
  17. Bianca

    Bianca I'm giving it a chance but there are things that if they don't come back, I will leave - so all crossed

    0 8 Jan 17
  18. Jilly

    Jilly I'm staying put Dave. Was very annoyed in December but this is where my running took off (well it read morefeels that way) and I've made lovely friends on here I wouldn't like to lose touch with. Hoping TRB keeps its promises & reinstates the bits that are missing.

    2 8 Jan 17
  19. Ladyhells

    Ladyhells I'm sticking with the Bug (too many folk not on other platforms, and I feel I owe my support). I read morealso enjoy the banter. It's not the same though, which is a shame. 😕

    2 8 Jan 17
  20. lizzy

    lizzy Yeah I've noticed a few not logging. I am staying on here, not really been on fetch, signed up on it read morebut not got round to really trying it out.

    I'm where I am in my running because of my bug friends & this is where I hope they will also stay? Fingers crossed they do change what they promised Dave?

    1 8 Jan 17