Medal Monday! 🏅

Who was running and where this weekend? Show us your bling!

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  1. cracken14

    cracken14 I did Wigan half marathon in 1:44:37 a new pb by 7 mins tough course!

    4 21 Mar 17
  2. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Well done Hari - had a quick peek at the results yesterday and saw that you had safely nailed it :)

    1 21 Mar 17
  3. HA

    Hari24 Hardmoors 55 in the bag. Not as fast as i had hoped, but faster than last year (bad tum, but good read morelegs) that's 2 down in the Grandslam with the HM110 and HM60 to go, eek.

    2 21 Mar 17
  4. Shaun

    Shaun I ran the Stafford half with a time of 1.32.16

    7 20 Mar 17
  5. Jessy

    Jessy I did my first half marathon yesterday I'm Fleet. And i am aching a lot today. X

    8 20 Mar 17
  6. qprchelle

    qprchelle Hastings Half Marathon. New PB. Great course. Very windy along the sea front but that didn't stop me sprinting to the finish.

    9 20 Mar 17
  7. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Thats Shrewsbury bling is nice and chunky, well done :)

    3 20 Mar 17
  8. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Sharnie they do.. I was a bit miffed that they use the same bling for all groups (10k up to ultra) i read morethink what ever distance you run, it should be recognised on the bling.

    1 20 Mar 17
  9. Alan Childs

    Alan Childs Shrewsbury 10k

    3 20 Mar 17
  10. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 CTS do need to work on that bling though :) - fab running Vicky!!

    1 20 Mar 17
  11. Glencross

    Glencross Lovely & well earned

    1 20 Mar 17
  12. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi This bit of bling was well and truly earnt by myself (of course) on Saturday at CTS (coastal trail read moreseries) endurancelife Marathon Sussex.. 26.49 miles of beautiful scenery, over 4,700 ft elevation of rolling hills and a not so pleasent full on head wind.. I enjoyed that lol :)

    6 20 Mar 17