Medal Monday! 🏅

Hey Bugs! How was your running this weekend? Any PBs to report or shiny new medals to share?

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  1. Dayna

    Dayna Training for the NJ half marathon down shore in two weeks yikes! It's my second but I'm going for read moretime. My first one 4 weeks ago was more of a test for me to see where my endurance and stamina was at. I've been following the Hal Higdon training program and I love it.

    1 18 Apr 17
  2. JeanineH

    JeanineH Well done Kerry 🏅

    1 12 Apr 17
  3. Abbas(on foot hecto-year)

    Abbas(on foot hecto-year) Congratulation.

    2 12 Apr 17
  4. Chamus44

    Chamus44 Loved it except the last 6 miles.

    1 12 Apr 17
  5. Ruth Cleeves

    Ruth Cleeves Well done Kerry!

    1 12 Apr 17
  6. Kerry

    Kerry Completed my first 10km on Sunday in Brighton, with a time of 1 hour 20 minutes. This was on a read morewalk/run plan. Now looking for my another 10km later in the year so that I can run the whole thing.

    Here's me with my medal.

    8 12 Apr 17
  7. Inconcert

    Inconcert Brighton Marathon - Way warmer than expected and I'd not been able to do all the training that I read moreshould have done, so just happy to finish.

    1 11 Apr 17
  8. CAP

    CAP Paris Marathon... injured and tired and way, way behind target time, but first marathon done! read more Superb course, weather fantastic just a little too hot for running.

    3 11 Apr 17
  9. HA

    Hari24 Hardmoors Whitehorse marathon 26.2ish miles (the ish is very relevant in these races :) Without read moredoubt one of the most beautiful marathon routes ever designed taking in the most amazing scenery and views on the North Yorkshire Moors. Great day, great course, great runners.

    1 11 Apr 17
  10. Chamus44

    Chamus44 PB for a marathon last Sunday as it was my first.🏅🍾

    3 11 Apr 17
  11. Christy

    Christy Half marathon in Raleigh, NC finished in 2:01:09.

    1 11 Apr 17
  12. Christy

    Christy Raleigh Rock n Roll half marathon

    1 11 Apr 17
  13. Chloe

    Chloe A new PB for me in the BM10K yesterday morning before setting my brother in law complete his first marathon 🥇🏆

    2 10 Apr 17
  14. JeanineH

    JeanineH A park run PB for me this weekend 😄

    2 10 Apr 17
  15. T414

    T414 Well done Bugs, some very fine bling there 😆 👍

    1 10 Apr 17
  16. davidfield

    davidfield Larking Gowan City of Norwich Half Marathon. A hot run in the sun!

    1 10 Apr 17
  17. 67richard

    67richard Rivington 10mile trail, very warm yesterday for this.

    1 10 Apr 17
  18. Neil Bradley

    Neil Bradley Marsden chocathlon 9k plus march 100 mile medal arrived

    1 10 Apr 17
  19. ceefin61

    ceefin61 No PBs, no medals, but who needs them when you have 2 great running buddies, glorious sunshine and read morean 8.2 mile, 720ft trail run. Most enjoyable run of the year so far :)

    2 10 Apr 17
  20. Nes

    Nes Neon park run around Poole park! Such fun and an amazing sight to see hundreds of neon lights and read morehead torches run around the lake!

    4 10 Apr 17