My leggings are falling down...

So, this is probably going to sound really stupid but here it goes...

I bought some running leggings a few weeks ago and tthey are my usual size. I have shorts in the same brand also in a size 14 and they are super. The leggings fall down whenever I break into a run from a brisk walk. Do I need the smaller size? I told you it was a stupid question but I can't work out if it's actually a problem with my undercrackers causing them to fall down... if you see what I mean...

Help! Before I inadvertently flash Glasgow! 

Harriyot Harriyot

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  1. HO

    Holz_246 i only use Nike as they're the only ones i've found that don't fall down! I pull them right up as read morewell so they stay in place. Also use 3/4 length ones as prefer them!

    0 15 Jan 19
  2. AL

    Alex this girl seems to have it figureed it

    0 11 Jan 19
  3. AL

    Alex there'

    0 11 Jan 19
  4. Eddie1965

    Eddie1965 I have the same problem and i am a chubby 50yr old bloke!

    0 11 Mar 16
  5. CL

    claire.grace.begley I wear a skort over my leggings because I keep my phone in the back pocket above the bum. My read moreleggings never fall down. Best by far are karrimor and USA pro. My uncle owns a sports shop, I've tried loads but they are the best. I buy the light tight skorts, my usual size on Amazon. They're also handy for the gym, protecting your modest when doing a bear crawl...

    0 22 Feb 16
  6. LM

    lml Best ones for NOT falling down Ive found are drawstring top ones from H&M - I'm on my third pair read more- each one has lasted at least 8 months, so very good value for money. And they have a zip back pocket for keys, and zips up the back of the ankles so good for rolling up when I get too hot - have tried Adidas but theyre not a patch on these! 

    0 15 Feb 16
  7. Sunrise Surprise

    Sunrise Surprise Would recommend Ronhill too - drawstring and they stay up, love 'em

    0 5 Feb 16
  8. MissDxx

    MissDxx I tried several pairs before I found done that comfortably stay up.  Beats me how companies can read moresell running leggings that don't stay up as soon as you reach a jog.  The best I've found, and would recommend, are Karrimor.  Great fit, very comfortable, sturdy waistband and adjustable.  Good luck x

    0 14 Jan 16
  9. CH

    chaelhrdy I am still losing weight and have a wobbly belly, no matter what size I buy (right size or one read moresmaller) I have trouble with this, so I always have a spare hair bobble and just fasten  a section of the waistband into the hair bobble.  Though I may start adding my own draw strings now someone has suggested it

    0 14 Jan 16
  10. EB

    EB I had this problem a lot.  I only buy leggings with a tie waist now.  Ronhill are the best read moreas they have a thick drawstring, whereas the Nike ones are a very thin ribbon style which can slip undone.

    0 27 Nov 15
  11. SM

    Smurfkate Omg I thought it was just my big fat rs in too small leggings. But it does really depend on brand read moreversus your shape. I have a very very old pair of yoga pants from M&S and being M&s they come over my hips - coz I have those too! But cheaply leggings and that "pro usa" brand just end up sliding down even if I pull everything right up before I set off.next time I'm buying Nike with drawstring waist! Thanks for raising this very important issue!

    0 27 Nov 15
  12. LI

    Liz dean Didn't know that , thanks 

    0 27 Nov 15
  13. LI

    Liz dean I am quite a newbie to running and I find the karrimor ones are good snug fit and good ties too . I read morehave just bought winter ones because my sumner ones were good 

    0 27 Nov 15
  14. tea76

    tea76 I use a hair bobble,  pull the waist as tight as u want it and put the bobble round xx

    0 26 Nov 15
  15. CL

    claire.everett.161  Primark running tights stay up and at £9 a pair you can't go wrong, they stay up around the read morehips, none of this low rise nonsense !  

    0 20 Oct 15
  16. EM

    Emma Wooderson I spray the waistband with a little water and they don't move

    0 20 Oct 15
  17. Lesley in London

    Lesley in London Do not use fabric softener with any Lycra / Polyester running gear. Wash running gear on its own. If read moreyou happen to run in any cotton shirts - those can go in normal wash - with fabric softener. I'm told the fabric softener destroys the polyester. I run in Asics winter tights - with slight compression - and can feel they're a bit looser than when I first bought them. I do tend to pull them up so that there is room on the thigh section - seems to work - and both have drawstring.

    0 20 Oct 15
  18. Sophie Gillespie

    Sophie Gillespie I have Ronhill 3/4 leggings and would really recommend them! I bought the ones a size down from my usual clothes size and they're perfect for running and they have a drawstring that's really useful. Eg: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/ronhilol-womens-aspiration-finesse-capri-p338415?gclid=CKL5ppfowcgCFRJmG... 

    0 14 Oct 15
  19. LouiseM84

    LouiseM84 I am so with you on this!! Backside is too big to fit in the next size down so it's drawstring all read morethe way for me!In fact I have two pairs of Karrimor leggings that I am going to have to extend the drawstrings on as they're too short - disappear into the waistband when I pull them up even though they are long enough to tie once the leggings are on!

    0 14 Oct 15
  20. lucykemp21

    lucykemp21 I hope you meant knickers!! ;)

    0 7 Oct 15