New Balance Zante V1...still available?

I bought my Zante V1s last summer from Sweatshop. I am very pleased with them. The unique fit is ok for me. Toebox and heel fit are perfect. Midfoot is tight - I loosely lace the first 4 rows and tie the last row tighter. The outsole is perfect for my Gunpowder parkrun course and picks up no gravel, unlike my old Reebok z. After 150 miles the cushioning is going and outsole showing signs of wear, but they are still comfortable. The upper is still pristine.

Looking at reviews for my next pair I am interested in trying Asics HyperSpeed; Nike Zoom Streak, Lunaracer, Lunar Tempo; NB 1400, and another pair of Zante V1s. Requirements are no heavier than Zante V1 (so I am put off Zante V2 and V3), gravel friendly tread, some cushioning.

New Balance did have Zante V1s on their website. Having concluded that I want another pair regardless of if I buy something else, I just clicked on, and have missed the boat. They only have UK 10 or 11 available. Mine are US 10 marked UK 9.5 which is a mistake - they measure UK 9 which is a good comfortable fit. Does anyone know please where I might buy them? I don't want to buy from China via Amazon due to the possible sizing issue. I visit Orlando twice a year so will try the NB outlet (Footlocker Kissimmee have a very limited selection).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


BrightwaterVilla BrightwaterVilla

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  1. BrightwaterVilla

    BrightwaterVilla Got them!...Amazon.com cheap as chips USD $37.43. Will collect next month in Florida. 😎

    0 19 Mar 17