New years resolutions

Hello Bugs! We're curious to know what new year's resolutions you've taken up and why! Fill us in and comment down below! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

The Running Bug The Running Bug

2 19 7 Jan 19

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  1. Debbie Anne Watkins

    Debbie Anne Watkins Just to enjoy running

    0 15 Jan 19
  2. ceefin61

    ceefin61 I bought myself a foam roller as part of my new year's resolution - to recover fully from a very read morestubborn IT band problem. My goal this year is to complete the Run Mhor Trilogy. Again :)

    0 14 Jan 19
  3. qprchelle

    qprchelle My only New Years resolution is to get round and complete my first marathon

    1 13 Jan 19
  4. Amanda

    Amanda Ps no resolutions from me either just get to the start line of booked event's in one piece or should that be the finish line 🤔

    1 9 Jan 19
  5. Amanda

    Amanda Welcome back running bug nice to meet you at last!

    @Caitlin think it's your post I've just commented on, get those trainer's on 6mths from now you'll be a whole new person 🙂

    0 9 Jan 19
  6. Rosanne Macqueen

    Rosanne Macqueen The Prague Half, GNR and a number of open water swimming events - doing an ice swimming challenge at read morethe moment! Last year was a really tough year caring for 2 very ill parents in 2 countries and coping with an injury! Very grateful we still have both parents, and realised that this year I also need to take care of myself!

    1 9 Jan 19
  7. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Welcome aboard Caitlin - us bugs come in all shapes, sizes and paces and we all like nothing better read morethan cheering on a noobie, log your outings and make some friends - you'll be surprised where you can get in just a few short months 👍👍

    0 8 Jan 19
  8. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew @ Caitlin. You musnt be worried about it. Lots of us were though when we started and lots of us were read morenot skinny. But you soon realise that when your out there running, no one is taking a blind bit of notice of you. And on the bug here, as i said, you will get nothing but suppirt, on here you can be whoever you are, however you are etc, no one will be judging you.

    Bite the bullet and get out there.

    0 8 Jan 19
  9. CA

    Caitlin @IPSMeldrew I am very apprehensive about it as i am not exactly 'skinny' or 'fit'

    0 8 Jan 19
  10. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew @ Running Bug. Various marathons, Chester 50, Thames Path 100, Cumbria way.

    1 8 Jan 19
  11. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew @ Caitlin, welcome to the bug. This is indeed a fine place for help and encouragement. All you need read moreto do is follow people, log your runs with a comment and people will support you. Good luck.

    0 8 Jan 19
  12. CA

    Caitlin Total newbie and very apprehensive to start running, i used to be so fit and healthy and now well read morelets just say i am FAR from that. My boyfriend introduced me to this website and I am hoping people have good advice and confidence tips for me!

    0 8 Jan 19
  13. The Running Bug

    The Running Bug Great stuff! What races are you doing @IPS? And that's not a bad resolution @Boothy! Well done for getting out there!!

    0 8 Jan 19
  14. jason15

    jason15 No new years resolutions here, just try and throw some new challenges and experiences my way and read moregenerally enjoy life and keeping fit and healthy!

    1 8 Jan 19
  15. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Welcome to the Bug Running Bug. As a newbie, can i recommend you join in, make friends and make read moreyourself busy on here. Were a friendly bunch.

    I've never made any, probably because i know it wont be kept to. I have some running goals though and thats on 3 booked events, do better than last year.

    1 8 Jan 19
  16. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield Lol indeed - cheekily wondering whether Bug Towers has made a NY resolution to communicate at least once a year!

    I've not made any particular running related resolutions this year.Mainly want to train hard but prudently, avoid injury and do a good variety of races and parkruns.

    2 7 Jan 19
  17. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Lol - bug towers still exists 🤣🤣🥂 - mine is to not make any and I'm doing ever so well so far 😇

    0 7 Jan 19
  18. Boothy

    Boothy At coming up 87 all I want to do is survive!

    5 7 Jan 19
  19. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson After a year of illness and injury I just want to be fit again

    3 7 Jan 19