Nutrition for long runs ( sorry long post)

What do you reckon are the best Best foods for keeping blood sugars stable before and during runs of 10 -26.2 miles . I'm not diabetic but I find on occasion my blood sugar levels drop and on 2 HM I've had to pull out . I try to eat well most of the time . Before long runs I will eat something protein based fro lunch and dinner is pasta based keep hydrated with water . In the morning porridge with dried fruit and if it's more than 13miles toast and nut butter. I'm carrying electrolyte water - tailwind. Today by mile 9 even though I took a gel at mile 5 I became really shaky again . I kept sipping my electrolyte drink and made it in one piece back home 10.5 miles. What else could I try ? I don't like sports drinks or gels particularly . Should I cut out all added sugar ?

lorna.mess.5 lorna.mess.5

0 11 8 Jan 17

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  1. KA

    Katelinn Just means going over to low carb healthy fat eating, then your body runs on fat instead of glucose, read moreand you are likely to not run of of steam. Here's something to read..it's a full lifestyle change though.


    1 14 Jan 17
  2. lorna.mess.5

    lorna.mess.5 I haven't katelinn what does that entail ?

    0 13 Jan 17
  3. KA

    Katelinn Have you ever tried running on fat instead of glucose?

    1 13 Jan 17
  4. lorna.mess.5

    lorna.mess.5 Thankyou all for your comments . Im going to try with cereal bars/flapjacks and sandwiches I'm not a read morefast runner so should be fine

    1 9 Jan 17
  5. MR

    MrsJasper I don't think I'm as experienced as others who have replied but on my last half I used dextrosol read moreenergy tablets instead of gels and found them slightly better. I agree that it's a good idea to fuel up before your sugar actually starts to drop.

    1 9 Jan 17
  6. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi I dont do gels.. there so wrong full stop lol. I eat cereal bars (eat natural dark chocolate with read morecranberries in particular..yum) baby Bells.. cheese and tomato and pickle sandwiches.. pizza is good (I cut up into little pieces so easy to get pop into mouth) i also find mints help to :)

    1 9 Jan 17
  7. Keri O

    Keri O I don't know how fast you run but I'd advise your first fuelling at about twenty minutes in to try read moreand head off the shakes further on. It takes a little while for the sugar to get where it needs to be. As for what to use, I'm not a big fan of gels myself (I can't get the damn things open, then eventually get half of it stuck to my hands and spend the rest of the run sticky; they also taste rank) but I like fruit jellies. Cheap from most supermarkets and loads of sugar in them. I prefer these to jelly beans as I find when I'm thirsty they just dry my mouth out worse!

    1 9 Jan 17
  8. Rhalou

    Rhalou I swear by flapjack for my long runs! And bananas. And sandwiches on ultras. You can train yourself read moreto get used to eating real food on the go if you slow the pace down while snacking.

    1 9 Jan 17
  9. gordonbarton

    gordonbarton i'd give cutting out sugar and simple carbs a try, i did this on the run up to a 33 mile race and I read moredefinitely think it helped. only carried a few musli and seed bars on the day. it was a tough run and my first ultra but in the couple months leading up to it I felt pretty good on mid distance runs with no food and only water

    1 9 Jan 17
  10. ceefin61

    ceefin61 I think your food intake before the runs sounds good but are you sure it's your blood sugar levels read moredropping? In my opinion you shouldn't really need to refuel during a half marathon unless it's mountainous or freezing. I can't stomach any electrolyte sports type drinks or gels but on runs longer than 12 miles I will take lime juice with a pinch of salt in one of my bottles and I'll eat mini cheese and jam sandwiches, salt crackers and a jelly baby or two for dessert :)

    I would try ditching the high sugar drinks and gels and see how you get on. Good luck

    1 9 Jan 17
  11. rob k

    rob k It sounds to me like your approach is fine. Possibly try a different type of gel or take a second read moregel at about 9 miles? Also may be worth getting a blood test to see if you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency?

    2 8 Jan 17