Over-pronation nightmare!!!!

I am having a right mare at the moment and need your help!

I started running as a complete beginner in December 2015. I am normally a 5.5 (UK) in usual shoes. I saw a junior (I know, I know, bad move!) pair of New Balance running shoes on sale and bought them. I started running but found myself getting blisters on my toes and on the inside of my feet towards the underside.

Not a problem, I thought. I instead bought adult New Balance shoes in a UK size 6.

The blisters on my toes were long gone, but I kept getting the same ones on the inside of my feet after running more than 5k.

I managed to get a 10k race done in September 2016 but at a slow speed given I was leaving weeks between runs to let my blisters heal each time.

I made it my new year mission to get a proper gait analysis and new shoes. At the beginning of March 2017, I went to my local Run and Become store as I wanted to have a gait analysis done on the road, not treadmill as I never treadmill run.

I told the lady that I have knock knees which I think could be contributing to the issues. She watched me run and said unsurprisingly I'm a 'huge' over pronator, rolling my feet inwards when I run, hence the blisters. After trying on many, many shoes, I was matched with Brooks Adrenaline GT16's, UK size 7.5. They felt great and I broke and them in with an easy mile as advised. I even invested in cushioned, anti blister running shoes.

To my complete shock, on Sunday after running just 4 miles and being in no pain whatsoever, I took my shoes off to see blisters in the exact same place (albeit smaller ones than usual).

I took them straight back to Run and Become on Monday. The staff were baffled as they thought the shoes looked like a good fit on, although after watching me run admitted I was still overpronating in them.

Once again I tried on a variety of shoes. I was eventually matched with Mizonu Wave Alchemy 12's in MENS size 7. They gave me men's because they said my feet are wide and flat.

I tried them out tonight. They came laced pretty tightly so they felt a little tight around outside of feet but just made a mental note to re lace them later. Sadly, after around 20 minutes and just 3.5km of running, I could feel the familiar sensation of burning where I've been getting my blisters. Low and behold, I take my running shoes off and blisters in the same place. AGAIN.

Please can someone help me because I feel upset over all this. I want to run a half marathon in October but this feels totally unachiveable. The staff in the shop mentioned seeing a podiatrist to get specialist insoles made, but I imagine this will be VERY expensive and not to mention I don't know what type of running shoes I am supposed to buy to get insoles put into!?

Advice anyone? :(

SE Seabass90

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  1. Richard

    Richard I always used to get blisters on my inside of my feet and after starting back up running again read morerecently I could feel hot spots appearing in the same spot after my very first run. I've started taping my feet with gaffer tape and it seems to have done the trick. Hope this helps

    0 20 Mar 17
  2. Mark.Oliver

    Mark.Oliver It would be good to address the over-pronation directly. A Physiotherapist might be able to help you read moreimprove the situation. A detailed and complete structural and functional evaluation would be required and then you may be able to at least improve the issue with exercises, rather than attempting to fix the issue with shoes.

    0 20 Mar 17
  3. Kipan

    Kipan I am having similar blister nightmares! I'm training for my first half marathon which is in early read moreMay. I've tried a number of things with variable success...

    Twin skin socks don't stop the problem for me but I have some smart wool socks (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Smartwool-Womens-Light-Elite-Performance/dp/B0178Q97BG/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1490012064&sr=8-19&keywords=smartwool+sock) which I've worn a few times and didn't blister - made the mistake of going back to my twin skin socks (1000 mile brand) for 18k yesterday and blistered again!

    Engo patches on my insoles (http://www.goengo.co.uk) have helped massively. I was getting blister under my big toes on every run so I've stuck them on my insoles and they've helped immeasurably...although by the end of 18k yesterday they were starting to blister but that's a big improvement for me.

    This website is awesome (https://www.blisterprevention.com.au) - it's where I found out about the engo patches.

    I use body glide on my toes but I don't think it's helping me, a friend suggested good old vaseline which I haven't tried yet.

    I have also been for a biomechanical gait analysis with a professor of podiatry. On the subject of blisters he could only offer suggestions of lubricant, twin skin socks etc, things I'd already tried. He did mention I should use surgical spirit on my feet twice a day to harden the skin - not tried it yet though. I run on my toes (not by choice but I have ridiculously tight calves & achilles issues and find it difficult to even land on my mid sole) so that's the main cause of my blisters

    I've had no success with blister plasters as there's so much friction that they don't stay on for long. Slightly more success with Spenco second skin blister kit (amazon sell them) as the plasters you wear over the top are large so stay in place better.

    On shoes, it's worth reading this. Effectively says that finding something that feels comfortable is the most important thing, rather than going for the classification system. (http://www.running-physio.com/segmentation/)

    Hope that helps!

    0 20 Mar 17
  4. willyhahn

    willyhahn The important thing is to have a pair of shoes you feel comfy in. For races I have a pair of Adidas read morewhich are a 9.5 UK to my normal size 10. The only time I've had blisters in them is when I bought a pair of toe ankle socks. Other than that all my other shoes are 10. It's not a one rule suits all. But having comfy running or sports socks are a must. If you go to a podiatrist a set of insoles would cost around £240 ish pounds, but will last for life.

    0 19 Mar 17
  5. DA

    Dave_W I don't know where abouts you are, but I go to a shop called Derby Runner. Ive had about 5 pairs of read morebrooks adrenaline gts now, and they've always worked for me. As a general rule, in a running shoe, you need one size bigger than your normal shoes. What works for me, but you'll have to try this out for yourself, is tying my shoes tight. This way there's no slip sliding on my feet. Have you thought of wearing proper running socks. Compression socks have been a god send for me. The tighter the better. Helped me out a lot.

    0 17 Mar 17
  6. meercat 58

    meercat 58 Thanx Sharnie ! What about the sawtooth method Seabass that might work ?

    1 17 Mar 17
  7. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Hi Seabasss - this sounds ridiculously frustrating!!!!!!

    I'm not an expert so these are just suggestions I would try before spending any more money.

    size 7 trainers sounds huge for a size 5 1/2 foot - I'm a size 6 1/2 and the biggest sized pair of trainers I own is a size 7!! - blisters are caused by the foot moving in the shoe - so worth thinking about.

    Have you tried something like bodyglide on the area you get blisters??

    Have you tried changing the method you use for lacing up your trainers - this can make a massive difference to the way a trainer fits and feels.


    Method three looks like it might be for you??

    Really hope you can get this sorted - good luck!!

    0 17 Mar 17
  8. rob k

    rob k It could be well worth seeing the podiatrist to see if they have any other suggestions on how to read moreprevent the blisters before you invest in insoles

    0 16 Mar 17
  9. SE

    Seabass90 Hi rob - tried that, the proper compeed ones. They don't stay on and I feel them sliding around in my shoe after 10 minutes

    1 16 Mar 17
  10. rob k

    rob k are you able to wear an anti-blister patch?

    0 16 Mar 17
  11. SE

    Seabass90 Sorry I meant to say cushioned anti-blister socks, not shoes!

    0 16 Mar 17