Paris Marathon 2016 - Medical Certificate

Have hit an interesting hurdle... going through the stuff for Paris and it seems, as a legal? requirement, I need to get a medical certificate (http://www.schneiderelectricparismarathon.com/us/registration/medical-certificate).

So, booked an appointment with the GP and to cut a long story/argument short, the Practice don't sign medical certificates for anything - running, diving, boxing(!), skydiving etc.

After that I rang the private, work healthcare plan and they wont do it either.

So.... Seems I've entered the marathon, booked accommodation and travel and now cant do it due to local quack being short sighted

JO JoeHighfield

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  1. Nathalie R

    Nathalie R @Laura Bingham: it means which city/town the certificate has been signed in. Hope this helps!

    0 29 Nov 18
  2. Laura Bingham

    Laura Bingham Where it says on the form “Medical certificate issued (in place):” what does that mean? I got my read moresigned at the GP but he wasn’t sure what that part meant!

    0 26 Nov 18
  3. AN

    Anne ohagan I have registered to run Paris Half Marathon 2019 and paid for flights, accommodation etc. and I'm read morehaving the same problem. GP flat out refuses to sign medical certificate even though I said I'm a regular runner etc and have barely been to GP in last 20 years. I'm now going to try the site Godders2k suggests.

    0 26 Nov 18
  4. Mike Harley

    Mike Harley Just getting mine sorted for Toulouse Marathon (Oct 23rd).  Told today that I need to leave it read moreat reception to be signed and will cost £30!  That's nearly more than the race entry (grrr).  They might want to examine me but she said likelihood is they'll sign and stamp and I'll have to go get it.  I got the marathon organisers to send me an english translation of the official form and I'll return it to them to check its ok.  Then I'll take that confirmation that it's ok to the minnion at the expo, hopefully will work out, def agree it's a bit unsettling, especially when you've booked flights/hotels already.

    0 23 Aug 16
  5. Treerat73

    Treerat73 @ Godders2K, I think you were meant to have this lodged with them before the end of May - eek:From the website - if a medical certificate is not provided by June 1, 2016*, you will not be eligible to participate.You should have had an e-mail from Disney that looked like the below:Link to the registration form: https://registration-run.disneylandparis.com/en/consoles/login/Your username: xxxxxxxYour password: xxxxxxxIf you are having trouble accessing the link or filling out any of the form please contact us at dlp.run.info@disney.com.Good luck!

    0 22 Aug 16
  6. VI

    vine98 I am also doing the Disney half marathon, I have the signed medical certificate, but can't see where read moreI need to send it to - can you help?  My friend in the States booked everything, and I can't see anything at all in the paperwork as to where to send it.

    0 22 Aug 16
  7. Princessfabia

    Princessfabia Hey Everyone! I am doing the Paris Marathon as well! Eek! I have been to the GP, and then wrote read moreme a letter with their doctors surgery letter head confirming I can run (and stating everything that the requirements need to be stated on the official one). She didn't stamp the letter, and said her letter-head was enough! Is this right? Or should I go back in source of a doctors stamp!!! Thanks everyone F x

    0 19 Mar 16
  8. LA

    LadyBiffon I've done the Paris marathon three times, this year will be my fourth. The first two times my read moreprevious doctor signed the form, somewhat reluctantly. Last year my current GP issued one free, but they've just told me they have stopped doing all medical certificates for sporting events due to time constraints. I was advised to google private occupational health practioners. I'm seriously considering changing GP, because as you say it's a big financial outlay to run a marathon abroad, as well as the time invested in training. To be honest, they don't check the forms closely, just glance at them and give you your bib, but you need the doctor's stamp as well as the signature.

    0 11 Mar 16
  9. Richard53

    Richard53 I'm a Practice Manager and I think you should change your GP. There is no such guidance and we sign read moresuch forms all the time. It will cost but the previously mentioned 16.50 is the same fee that we would charge.

    0 8 Mar 16
  10. MI

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    0 30 Jun 16
  11. steve.pope

    steve.pope that's nonsense John but it does seem to be horses for courses.  My GP who Ive only ever been read moreto once in I don't know how long, pretty much said it was a pain coz his insurance doesn't cover it but for £15 signed, sealed and all done.  Equally though I know folk who've been busted for north of £100 which is crackers..anyway, you sorted it yet?

    0 25 Mar 16
  12. JO

    Johnno80 Okay, so my doctor has stitched me up (not in a good medical way). After saying that saying that I read moreneeded an appt to see doc, for them to sign this daft medical form, he says that he won't sign it. "It's not an NHS service that they are obliged to provide and practice policy is not to do them". I had discussion with TWO reception staff on different occasions and not one said it wasn't something the surgery do. I now have the prospect of having to go to Doctornow in Beaconsfield who will charge £125. Anyone know a nice doctor or a cheaper alternative?!?

    0 22 Mar 16
  13. MrsJG

    MrsJG I had the same problem, my GP said I would have to get a medical from a sports physician but did a read morebit of research and the important part is that the form you download uses the term "Contraindications"  which is a medical term loosely meaning "No medical reason why not." so your not on any medication or recovering from any operation or have any preexisting condition which would cause you problems.Phoned them back with this info and he agreed to sign for a £10 charge (Much better than the minimum £175 a private health check would have cost me!)Roll on paris!!hope this helps xx 

    0 22 Mar 16
  14. J. Lopes

    J. Lopes Fabia print the medical certificate (original mod.)take to GP to fill, date, sign and stamp. good luck!!!!

    0 19 Mar 16
  15. 1066rick

    1066rick That's good to know, thanks!

    0 8 Mar 16
  16. ell33

    ell33 As long as it's the official document from the website and it's signed you'll be fine. They didn't read morebat an eyelid at mine last year which was signed by the GP's nurse. Purely a backside covering excercise by the organisers. Don't worry about it and concentrate on your 26.2! Good luck 

    0 7 Mar 16
  17. 1066rick

    1066rick What a load of hassle these medical certificates are! I was told to drop mine off for signing, read morethought it was a bit odd, then sure enough was called in for a check, only to be told at the end that the person was a nurse practitioner, who then crossed out the Dr part of the certificate! It could be willy wonka checking me for all I car,e but I'm a bit concerned this wont be accepted at the expo - any thoughts? I might try and rebook with a doctor.

    0 7 Mar 16
  18. mister.i.ibiza

    mister.i.ibiza I went to Nice last month for a 10k without one, i figured i would be able to blag my way through read moreany questions asked, but they seemed very strict about it, luckily after much debate and me demanding my money back, they reluctantly allowed me to have my race number and entry. I did however have to sign some paper saying i take full responsibility and would not be covered in any way should i get injured. Luckily i never, but like someone else already said it was quite stressful (no one spoke English and my French isn't great)  probably wasn't the best preparation for my first European race :/

    0 5 Feb 16
  19. steve.pope

    steve.pope That is shocking - my gp was having a little whinge about insurance n stuff and I guess that's the read moreissue.  Basically they won't be insured if owt goes wrong and they've put their name to it in which case they're mustard!  90 quid is shocking...

    0 2 Feb 16
  20. Jilly

    Jilly You are so lucky! I was going to do the Cannes 10k with my hubby as a birthday treat (for him, read morethough it was more for me!) and the GP wanted to charge £90 quid each! Obviously we're not doing it now :(

    0 1 Feb 16