How do I find my own PB's now the website has changed?

carbail21 carbail21

0 4 8 Jan 17

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  1. Normski1989

    Normski1989 I found the PB section. Click your profile picture at the top of the screen and select 'My Runs'. read moreYour PB's are listed just under the bit where it says your total distance run.

    0 13 Jan 17
  2. Normski1989

    Normski1989 I was having the same problem. Especially as I had some issues with my phone recently and lost my read morelist of PB's. I'll look for another site too.

    1 11 Jan 17
  3. carbail21

    carbail21 That's not good looks like i'll be finding a different site. Thank you for letting me know :)

    1 9 Jan 17
  4. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi You can't :( .. the bug towers decided to have away with such useless information!!

    1 9 Jan 17