Post a run

How do I post a run

Stephen Stephen

0 4 10 Jan 17

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  1. Joanne

    Joanne Doesn't matter which way you do it! :-)

    0 10 Jan 17
  2. Ronnie7910

    Ronnie7910 Ok scrap my answer! 🙈 I've been doing it wrong all this time...thanks Joanne - that's taught me something today.

    0 10 Jan 17
  3. Ronnie7910

    Ronnie7910 click the menu on the top right of your screen, click train, click bugmiles, click import/add run.

    1 10 Jan 17
  4. Joanne

    Joanne Click on your photo then home. You should see a circle which says log run/post update. Click on this read morethen on add run to add run manually or click on connect to upload run.

    0 10 Jan 17