Pre race warm up - keeping it simple?

Today, in the 10 minutes before start of a (10k) race, there was an orchestrated session of warm up exercises with amplified musical accompaniment - with numerous different short exercises and stretches etc. I know there is no universally agreed best practice about pre race preparation but after having been a runner for all of two years I now always opt out of all this stuff. I can't see what's wrong simply to do some light jogging to warm up - but obviously including some rather more vigorous short stretches of running if you need to prepare your heart/lungs for a fast start to the race - eg as in a 5k.

I'm not in any way wanting to suggest my approach is better than the other, but I was wondering whether other Bugs do actually find these kind of multiple - exercise - musical - warm ups before races actually help?!

Richard Woodfield Richard Woodfield

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  1. rob k

    rob k I can't bear those things. For a shorter race I will jog a mile or so first. For a longer distance read morerace I will do a shorter warm-up jog.

    1 20 Mar 17
  2. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf Don't worry Richard, your still allowed to unleash a Meldrewism occasionally

    1 20 Mar 17
  3. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield Lol - perhaps real purpose is indeed a sort of non touching group hug! If IPS hadn't already got read moresquatters rights I would say that brings out the inner Mr Meldrew in me... ;-)

    I must admit, Lizzy, that the only time when I did take once part in one of these sessions I felt at far more risk of injury than I did during the race itself!

    1 20 Mar 17
  4. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Tbh i think there fun :) no one has to do them and I don't personally myself, but at a 10k event or read morea fun run like race for life or a colour run its all in the name of fun :) I don't think iv seen a mass warm up at a hm or mara event..so yes, I think these are intended for an atmospheric pre race, nerve easing bit of fun :)

    1 20 Mar 17
  5. lizzy

    lizzy Only time I've done them is before 10k race for life or when I've done Obstacle course races. Doing read morethe ones for OCR isn't too bad because your In A group. Race for life I find a tad embarrassing as I'm on my own, my family find it entertaining though.

    Must admit I don't do a run warm up, do try to walk a bit & thats it.

    After yesterday stitch I think it was down to lack of movement after drinking a brew. So now Im Going to be a more aware of being more active before I race.

    If I had been involved In the warm up like yours Richard I would have been warn out before I got started lol

    1 20 Mar 17
  6. Manoj Kumar Rai

    Manoj Kumar Rai Haha. I too found one such warmup session at a 10K race. Not sure about the impact but I think it read moreprovided warm up chance to so many people just by standing on their places.

    1 20 Mar 17
  7. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf I hate those mass warm ups, if molly or sharon is standing next to me I will do them just for the read moreembarrasing effect it has on them.

    1 20 Mar 17
  8. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 I'm a long job type of warmer upper - but I think anything that gets you moving and your heart rate read moreup is a bonus as long as there is no vigorous or static stretching :)

    1 20 Mar 17