Race update Monday! 🏅

Morning Bugs, how was your weekend, any PBs to report from yesterday? Tell us your running news!

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  1. EN

    Eniko Mate I have ran the Vitality North London Half on Sunday and smashed my PB :) Super happy!

    0 14 Mar 17
  2. SA

    Sarah Balmer My friends and I did our normal Saturday Parkrun in St. Albans (Hertfordshire), then on Sunday did a read moretrial recce at a proposed new Parkrun site in Sandridge. Still early planning days yet, but it was a beautiful woodland setting, a bit hilly, but gorgeous. Keeping my fingers crossed it all goes through. Ashamed to say I got lost en route, and our leader had to come search for my friend and me, but loads of fun. 😃😃🏃🏃. Looking into entering a triathlon in Welwyn Garden City, but am a little scared of the lake swim. Run/cycle is no prob. Do you think they'd let me wear a life jacket???? 😂😂

    1 14 Mar 17
  3. CallumsRuns

    CallumsRuns 1:46 at the half marathon in training yesterday a nice unexpected PB, booked a couple of races read moreincluding Worcester half and chillington hall half!

    2 13 Mar 17
  4. Pipe

    Pipe First ever 20 miler at Fission 20:20.... very warm but completed it but paid the price with slight read morefaux pas on kit and ended up with bleeding nips!!! Shower after was somewhat painful!

    2 13 Mar 17
  5. huggy121

    huggy121 Ran on Saturday in my local parkrun. As has been mentioned already it was nice to be able to ditch read morethe base layer and gloves. Got a PB of 23.45. Ran it hard but wasn't expecting that!! Obviously happy with that 😅

    3 13 Mar 17
  6. boywithfarawayeyes

    boywithfarawayeyes @Samira, probably best to see a professional physio to get your ankle assessed and treated. I know read moreit can be a little pricey but it's better than making an injury worse with no treatment or the wrong treatment.

    0 13 Mar 17
  7. PU

    Purpleplodder PB at the Inverness half, with a nice cooling downpour in the middle!

    2 13 Mar 17
  8. Samira Tayaballi

    Samira Tayaballi Can anyone help me. Back of my ankle of my left leg is really painful. I've tried taping it but nothing helps. Any ideas?

    0 13 Mar 17
  9. Deyanira

    Deyanira I would like to become a runner.

    2 13 Mar 17
  10. ceefin61

    ceefin61 I ran my first hill race of the year on Saturday. 8.5 miles and a 1215ft climb in conditions that read morecan only be described as truly Scottish with spectacular views of nothing. 2 minutes slower than last year but I was just so pleased to be running up hills again.

    4 13 Mar 17
  11. 67richard

    67richard Parbold Duathlon yesterday my first first run 23:32 a little faster than planned but felt good then read moreonto the bike got some Strava pbs then back to 2nd 5k legs feeling heavy just short of 24:00 okay with that.

    3 13 Mar 17
  12. SO

    Someoneouthere I run Frankfurt Halfmarathon with a PB and sunshine. Happy that I did it!

    5 13 Mar 17
  13. Gords

    Gords Ran the Surrey Half Marathon on Sunday - rather wet but still a great run! My first half marathon read more(since my only other one in 1994!) and I managed to beat my target of 2 hrs - I did it in 1:58.52 :-) Have also managed to raise £335 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust ... so far.

    7 13 Mar 17
  14. boywithfarawayeyes

    boywithfarawayeyes just glad to get back on there after 9 days laid up with a viral infection, had a nice little 5k in read morecracking weather. It feels so good being able to shed the hat, gloves and multiple layers after all the winter training.

    2 13 Mar 17
  15. LA

    Lankypaul 16 miles in just under 3 hours training for my first marathon in 5 weeks time bring it on 🏃🏃

    6 13 Mar 17
  16. TE

    Terryven 2hr Trail Running at TriAdventure around Cranleigh. Hitting as many checkpoints as possible. Good fun.

    4 13 Mar 17