Runners aches and pains. ...

I see a lot of posts here about injuries, and obviously if you have a diagnosis or suspect injury then see a doctor or physio immediately, but would others care to describe their 'normal' aches and pains of this lifestyle? For me, most mornings I feel stiff (easy now) in the thighs and calves and often it can reoccur (really twinge if you like) on into lunchtime so I have to stretch it out to ease it around 5-6 times a morning, this usually is literally a few 20 second stretches. I also often have a twingy left knee that comes and goes, but strangely after a quick rub by me, and during a run I don't notice it.

What are your 'non injury' daily aches. ....if any

LE Le Chef AKA Dan

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  1. ceefin61

    ceefin61 The best thing to do would be to find out which shop nearest to you does gait analysis and pop in read morefor a chat, they will probably do your test straight away if not busy. Take your current running shoes with you too, they wil be able to see where the impact and wear is and try not to feel pressured into buying really expensive recommendations from them on the spot, Good luck, you'll enjoy it

    0 25 Apr 17
  2. elgordo

    elgordo Stating the bleedin' obvious I know but everyone is different, some will have aches and pains, read moreothers won't. I'm unfortunately one who does - nothing to do with how I run, but to do with years of contact sport (rugby, football) and ball sports (tennis, squash) and others (skiing, golf). And as a heavy boned 15 stone, I'm more likely to suffer through running than others. I've been susceptible to cramp all my life, since the age of 13; every day after exercise I wake up feeling stiff, particularly my calves, some days worse than others; and I have a dicky hip (hereditary, aggravated by contact sport) which gets worse as I get older. I'm also aware I could improve feeling of all of them with consistent focus, exercises, treatment and so on, but my lifestyle doesn't permit me to, so I treat and accept them as best I can. As for treating myself, Ibuprofen has always worked for me in moderation; so has being well hydrated; I've started recently taking Magnesium to ease the cramp; and I find myself often doing calf stretches in meetings at work, when standing around, on steps etc. As we get older and carry on the running 'bug' I'm sure I'll be doing more and more!

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  3. LE

    Le Chef AKA Dan Thanks for the replies, I guess since it doesn't hurt during a run or isn't getting worse I assumed read moreit was normal. I mean who wouldn't get aches after running 12 - 13 miles? And Ive been jogging (I'm a 10 minute mile guy on runs over 6-7 miles) for about 5 months now, so not new but not a vet, and I'm between 40 and 45 yrs old and 15 stone ish...that's all I'll say on that.

    But point taken it may be time for gait analysis, I have a week off work soon so may pop to my not so local running shop for a gait check. Does one have to book these things?

    0 25 Apr 17
  4. ceefin61

    ceefin61 There really shouldn't be any 'normal' aches and pains as a runner. There will be a good reason why read moreyour body is hurting, so you may want to have a look at the way you run, are you pushing too hard, are your shoes appropriate for your gait or terrain, have you just started running etc. If you ignore little aches they can become serious injuries. Maybe I'm lucky but the only aches I get are after a really tough hill race, which is expected, but a soak in the bath sees to that.

    0 24 Apr 17
  5. Fagawee

    Fagawee It's an anti-inflammatory, I understand that over doing it is bad but it does keep inflammation at bay for me

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  6. rob k

    rob k Taking ibuprofen is not the answer at all.

    0 22 Apr 17
  7. Fagawee

    Fagawee My doctor told me if my knees hurt a message to the knee is beneficial. I ran 71/2 miles and hips read morefeel achy. Calves are sore and ankles can use a good message...lol I am a little concerned about my hips so I plan on taking ibuprofen to prevent inflammation. But I do realize stretching works wonders. Hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow. I read prevention magazine that training on tired muscles can also be good because you essentially are teaching yourself to deal with exhaustion on long runs. But of course we all know recovery is all apart of training...

    0 21 Apr 17