Running buddies/club In south east london


I live in New Cross in South east london and was trying to find a running club around the area but no such luck. I live with my cousin and we sometimes run together but aren't always about at the same times. We would love to find some friendly runners nearby who fancied getting together for some evening/weekend runs. 

I'm training for a half iron man so working towards half marathon distance, but equally I enjoy running just for fun so happy to do any distance as it all helps :-)

Would love to hear from anyone who's keen to start our very own make shift low key new cross/brockley/lewisham running club


Rosie L G Rosie L G

0 4 10 Jan 16

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  1. SA

    Sarah Hi Rosie. Did the group ever get started? I'm interested. A beginner but would love to run more. Do let me know. Thank you.

    0 26 Nov 18
  2. JA

    Jasmine Hi Rosie, am nterested in joining however am a beginner .

    0 13 Jun 18
  3. Austine

    Austine Hi Rosie, I will like to join you and your cousin for regular runs as a group if you read morelike. I currently live in woolwich dockyard but used to live in new cross so I am familiar with your area. However, I usually run past new cross and I run in the Southwark parkrun on Saturday's at Surrey Queys. Please let let me know if you guys are still interested.

    0 10 Aug 16
  4. Bella Louise

    Bella Louise Hey I'm Lewisham  first half marathon at Brighton on on 28th but would be great to keep read moredistance and fitness after... what times at weekend do you head out?

    0 12 Feb 16