Running with hypothyroidism.

Is there anyone out there that has dealt with hypothyroidism? I used to be able to run a 9 minute mile. I've ran 4 half marathons and 5k's. Now I'm lucky if I can run a half mile without getting winded.

I'm seeing an endocrinologist and still getting my Rx right. It's just so frustrating!

Marcia Marcia

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  1. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice Sounds something is really wrong maybe better getting medical advice

    0 18 May 17
  2. Marcia

    Marcia Hi everyone! Martin and Rachel thank you. So I've been doing better, but now my arms and legs read morestart to tingle. My posture is ok....90°arms... etc... Any ideas?

    0 18 May 17
  3. RA

    Rachel Hi, I had my thyroid removed and now as a consequence have hypothyroidism. I know how frustrating read morethis can be! Once your levels are stable you will find it much easier, it is just about getting energy levels back to their maximum.

    I find I know myself and how my energy levels are better than the doctors so I tend to control my own dosage and increase and decrease when needed.

    0 19 Apr 17
  4. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice Sounds like you're having hard time of things. Could you not just do some short intervals ?

    0 11 Apr 17