Sharp shooting pain behind the kneecap?

Hi all,

I'm 5 weeks into marathon training and I was running really well, I'd introduced some strength training and a longer warm up and cool down routine, however for the past week I started having a strange pain just behind the back of the kneecap, it felt ok to start and has gotten progressively worse to the point that 3 days ago I had to call off my runs because I can hardly walk let alone run! Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to what this could be, is it a trip to the doctor and would it be advisable to do other exercise to keep fit during?? Thanks!

CallumsRuns CallumsRuns

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  1. Lisa

    Lisa Yes, go to a sports physio. I had similar pain the weekend before I was supposed to do my 1st 20 read moremile run. It mainly hurt on downhills. I ended up having to run with a knee brace for a while. I even ran with it in the marathon. Now that it's over and I took some time off, my knee is better. I can run downhill as fast as possible without a knee sleeve or knee brace.

    0 28 Mar 17
  2. CallumsRuns

    CallumsRuns Thank your Sharon and Richard, I got into contact with a local sports physio (who I also am lucky read moreenough to be great friends with) and he thinks it's a mix of an existing issue just below my knee and anterior knee problems, he's going to see me tomorrow so I'm hoping it's not a lengthy problem but you can never rush recovery!!

    1 19 Mar 17
  3. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield Agree with SharonMc. If you can get to a good sports physio they are likely to be able to give a read morespecific diagnosis and be well able to advise on rest/exercise etc regime to get yourself best possible chance of early recovery.

    1 18 Mar 17
  4. SharonMc

    SharonMc Think I would visit a sports physio then at least you'll know exactly what the problem is and how to read morerectify it. I see one who's a runner himself so they know you want to get back out running as soon as and give you constructive advice whereas your gp will probably just tell you to rest.

    0 18 Mar 17