Shin splints help!

I used to run 4 times a week absolutely no problem, then had a few years with very little exercise. I've now taken back up running for the last year and a half and have been suffering with awful shin splints. They are so random, some days I can run 10km no problem, other days I can't even handle 1km! And it doesn't help to rest my legs, I can stop running for several weeks, and then try to run and will be in absolute agony the whole time!

Has anyone else experienced this with shin splints?

I've recently bought new insoles and trainers so hopefully that will help.

Charlie Charlie

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  1. LI

    linzi I got bad shin splints on mile 1 of the marathon last year. I had no problems during the training. I read morevisited the physio who explained it was due to the muscles in my calves being so tight and knotted, then pressing on my shins. Try sports massages or foam rolling the calves regularly. Good luck!

    0 12 Jan 19
  2. JA

    James Are they posterior or anterior shin splints? Shin splints may also be caused by inadequate glute read morestrength. Are you activating your glutes enough while running? Moreover, if it's posterior shin splints, please visit a physio immediately. Prolonged exposure to stress worsens posterior SS. It may, in extreme cases, lead to stress fractures too. Visit a physio to learn specific stretches. Also, don't rely too much on insoles. Too often, the problem is with running form, or inadequate glute activation. Do you practice donkey kicks? If not, please do. It's easy to learn and very effective. In addition, make sure you read and learn more about shin splints--especially info about injury management and prevention. The following book would be a good place to start: https://www.bartleby.com/textbooks/essentials-of-athletic-injury-management-10th-edition/9780078022753/solutions

    0 11 Jan 19
  3. rob k

    rob k Assuming you had a gait analysis and got suitable shoes...it is probably worth seeing a sports read moretherapist about this. You could also do some crosstraining aimed at improving leg strength

    0 3 Jan 19