Site update - your weekly run report is now live!

Good morning bugs!

We're pleased to announce that you can now view a weekly run report and compare this with previous weeks on the myruns page here:


Happy running!

The Running Bug Team

The Running Bug The Running Bug

12 20 9 Mar 17

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  1. Spinney

    Spinney Really good update! I think it its better than before, great work !

    2 10 Mar 17
  2. JI

    Jill Slater Good to have motivates you when being lazy

    1 10 Mar 17
  3. Will_Run

    Will_Run Good to know there will be a weekly run`s record/ report

    1 10 Mar 17
  4. Christopher Carley

    Christopher Carley Good to have the weekly reports back

    1 10 Mar 17
  5. Neil Hunneybell

    Neil Hunneybell Thanks😀

    0 9 Mar 17
  6. Lolo

    Lolo Ok! That is better!! Much better! Now I may be pushing my luck but it would be awesome to also see read morethe year to date miles versus the previous year! Xxx

    4 9 Mar 17
  7. SA

    SALLYJONES Is the bugmiles app back yet?

    0 9 Mar 17
  8. LeightonSean

    LeightonSean The website was perfectly good as it was before the changes . I for one don't like the way it is now read moreat all . Maybe ask the users what they want next time ?

    0 9 Mar 17
  9. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield That looks good - nice to have in both miles and kms. Thanks Bug Towers.

    0 9 Mar 17
  10. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi The links still don't work :)

    0 9 Mar 17
  11. CAP

    CAP Thanks Parit Bug... the previous version of the site provided you with your distance in both read moremeasurements irrespective of what you actually entered. I though that was ideal as it allowed you to compare runs with others using the same measure.

    0 9 Mar 17
  12. Parit Bug

    Parit Bug Hi everyone, thank you for your patience while we review the reporting functionality. We have read morechanged the report to show in both miles and kilometres. We think this is the perfect solution to cover all our users needs. If you feel there’s a better alternative solution, please do email us as support@therunningbug.co.uk, we’d love to hear from you!

    2 9 Mar 17
  13. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew @Parit. After the bug relaunch I don't think what was best for the community was considered. Maybe read moreyou should ask the community what the options are and let them decide.

    1 9 Mar 17
  14. Parit Bug

    Parit Bug @Cap, your longest run this week was logged in miles, the longest run last week was logged in read morekilometres and we made the decision to show the run in the format which you originally logged it. We have a couple of options on this, we're deciding what will be best for the community and then make the change.

    0 9 Mar 17
  15. CAP

    CAP I raised this observation on another post and I suspect an attempt has been made to resolve the read moreissue. What I have now got is this week's long run in miles and last week's in kilometres! Anyone want to guess what the calibration will be for next week's... ?

    0 9 Mar 17
  16. huggy121

    huggy121 Great idea, well done.

    0 9 Mar 17
  17. ClareEFC1878

    ClareEFC1878 Great!

    0 9 Mar 17
  18. Jilly

    Jilly Thank you RB :)

    0 9 Mar 17
  19. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield That's good. Look forward to using that feature.

    0 9 Mar 17
  20. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Well done RB

    0 9 Mar 17