Snow, snow snow

Now, i know this isnt running related as such but it is a tenuous link. You see, Mrs s is very jealous of all you lot running in the snow. We havent had any snow were we live yet just a short drive away there is loads of snow. So, we had to head to the hills today to get Mrs s her fix of snow. Armed with 2 x plastic tea trays, of we went. Molly froze but had fun.

Please add any snow pics you have here if you wish.

IPS Meldrew IPS Meldrew

7 22 21 Jan 18

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  1. RR123

    RR123 Looks like you all had a blast in the snow!

    0 22 Jan 18
  2. Denise

    Denise Very little snow around here, and what there was melted as quickly as it came. Been very stormy, read moreflooded streets and gale force winds - impossible to run in.

    0 22 Jan 18
  3. davidfield

    davidfield No snow around here-well not enough to get plastic trays out. great photos.

    1 22 Jan 18
  4. meercat 58

    meercat 58 😁😁

    1 22 Jan 18
  5. Emma12

    Emma12 Brilliant pictures. Certainly looks like you've all had fun 😀❄⛄

    1 21 Jan 18
  6. lizzy

    lizzy I like Mrs S idea of fun and now you have two happy ladies this evening Ian. Great photos and Glad read moreyou all had such a good time 😊

    1 21 Jan 18
  7. Jilly

    Jilly I absolutely love snow and they are fab pics! We've had snow tiday but only slush- so yes I am jealous ❄❄❄

    1 21 Jan 18
  8. Tracey1966

    Tracey1966 Now I’m jealous!! That looked like great fun! x

    1 21 Jan 18
  9. Richard Woodfield

    Richard Woodfield Excellent photos- great fun! I've long had an abiding love of snow. Stems from childhood when the read moreprimary school (which I hated) had outside loos. If you were really lucky they would freeze in arctic weather and the school was closed!

    Sadly no snow in Kent in recent days :-( We rarely get snow when weather comes in from the west or even the north. Only realistic hope is where cold weather comes in from the Continent and snow showers come off North Sea on an easterly wind.

    1 21 Jan 18
  10. Dave from sussex

    Dave from sussex Looks great fun

    1 21 Jan 18
  11. FBM

    FBM Brilliant!

    0 21 Jan 18
  12. steve c

    steve c Look at you lot, you look like you're having lots of fun. If you had been in York it's been a read morehorrible day and I am just getting over it. Always good to see people smiling. Hope you all enjoyed your day.

    1 21 Jan 18
  13. That sounds like the best fun ever! And brilliant pics!! Glad Mrs S has had a snow fix & hope Molly has thawed out 😁

    1 21 Jan 18
  14. Jackie Tr

    Jackie Tr Excellent! Looks liKe so much fun. Great pics I hope you're all cosy now 😊

    1 21 Jan 18
  15. JoWatson

    JoWatson Looks like GREAT fun :) :) :)

    1 21 Jan 18
  16. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Well then you havnt lived.. you need to go back to that snowy hill and let rip on turbo power read moretrays..just make sure there's no road or trees in the way and be prepared to side roly poly off to stop!!

    1 21 Jan 18
  17. SharonMc

    SharonMc Super pics, looks like you all had a whale of a time 😁

    1 21 Jan 18
  18. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew No, never even thought about it.

    0 21 Jan 18
  19. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi YAY glad you got your snow fix.. you all. Looks you had loads of fun. LOL did you smear some olive read moreoil (or any oil) on the bottom of the tray.. turbo power 🙊

    1 21 Jan 18
  20. Amanda

    Amanda Lovely pics, that looks amazing and so much fun. Glad you got your snow fix mrs s ⛄⛄⛄⛄🌨🌨❄❄

    1 21 Jan 18