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I'm just getting into running and got Garmin Forerunner 15 recently. I love the watch, works brilliantly, but I can't seem to download the Garmin Connect software to my laptop (it is about 7-8 years old so the version of Windows might not be compatible). Has anyone else had this problem and is there any other way to view maps of my runs? e.g. Is there other software that is compatible.


EA EastcoastRunner

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  1. EA

    EastcoastRunner Thanks I'll give that a try.

    0 11 Jan 16
  2. EA

    EastcoastRunner Thanks guys that's great information. It's what I was suspecting but just seemed a bit rubbish in read moretoday's techy age. How hard can it be for a program to turn some gps coordinates into a map? Nevermind, it works pretty good on it's own anyway. Thanks for all the help!

    0 11 Jan 16
  3. pcheetham

    pcheetham You need Garmin Express, which syncs the data from your watch to Garmin Connect.http://software.garmin.com/en-GB/express.html It needs a machine that can run .Net 4.5 which means Vista or newer, so if you have XP you'll be out of luck.Unfortunately, that's the only way to do it, but if you connect the watch to your computer it should show up like a flash drive. If it does, you need to find the Garmin\Activities folder and in there should be files with the .FIT extension.Copy them onto your PC, and then use the Manual upload feature in the Garmin Connect web site to get them up there.A bit long winded, but it should work. Laptop upgrade required though.

    0 11 Jan 16
  4. Trixhop

    Trixhop Just checked and I was wrong. It's harming connect that you sync not your watch :-(. Sorry about that. 

    0 11 Jan 16
  5. EA

    EastcoastRunner Great thanks both, that's really useful.I think I'm probably on XP so that explains that - seems a read morebit rubbish but then I'm not a big fan of technology.Trixhop - do you know if I can do this direct to Strava and not use any Garmin software.

    0 11 Jan 16
  6. Trixhop

    Trixhop You can sync your watch to Strava and that'll show you your routes.

    0 11 Jan 16
  7. Hi,Just checked for you, these are the system requirements for Garmin Connect: Windows Vista came after XP, so if you're still on XP, that'd be the reason. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Microsoft_operating_systems

    0 11 Jan 16