Sport Therapist Bushey/Watford area

Hi. Can anyone recommend a good sports therapist in the Bushey area. Been struggling with a flare up of osteitis Pubis but would like an expert opinion on how to deal with this as I have entered the Brighton marathon in April. Been trying to put in some base mileage so that I can kick on if I can sort this issue out.

Johnny68 Johnny68

0 2 8 Jan 17

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  1. Johnny68

    Johnny68 Thank you. That's really helpful.

    0 8 Jan 17
  2. MA

    malcolmsif I'm not sure if it will remove the link but check out www.sportsinjuryfix.com/search and you can read moresearch for exactly that. Looks like Harpenden Sports Massage (they do Sports Therapy too) will be your closest.

    1 8 Jan 17