Spring marathons

Hi bugs! Who's bitten the bullet and signed up for a spring marathon this year!? We'd love to know who and where! 🏃🏽🏃‍♀️🏃🏽🏃‍♀️

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  1. stanboardman794

    stanboardman794 First Marathon attempt Blackpool in April

    0 15 hrs
  2. Puri

    Puri I got in London for second time GFA.

    1 23 hrs
  3. Chris Pattison

    Chris Pattison The Longhorn in Thorseby Notts. 3rd time for me (as long as I recover fully from a calf injury) , a read morelovely run all off road in great surroundings.

    0 15 Jan 19
  4. qprchelle

    qprchelle I am running my first marathon and I have chosen the Manchester marathon in April.. not had a great read morestart to the year as been plagued by illness for about 3 weeks. Getting back to it slowly. Got a half planned for next month. Hoping I can complete it in April. 😬

    1 13 Jan 19
  5. FI

    Fionalm Got a place in the London marathon running for Battersea Dogs & cats home - it’s my first one so slightly bricking it!

    2 12 Jan 19
  6. Twilight-Runner Stevie

    Twilight-Runner Stevie Paris on 14 April. It will be my first one. I hope to smash it in well under four hours.

    2 11 Jan 19
  7. RO

    Roland Doing snowdonia again trying to get under 4 hours.

    1 10 Jan 19
  8. AN

    AnnaKG I signed up for the Newport Marathon in May. I'm a first timer and am only focussing on completion. read moreJust researching my training programme now :)

    1 10 Jan 19
  9. Linda 1962

    Linda 1962 Manchester a final attempt at sub 5. Have done Brighton twice and Abingdon once.

    1 9 Jan 19
  10. Mark

    Mark Maybe, maybe not. I'm not signing up to a marathon until I'm back running regularly.

    0 9 Jan 19
  11. Chamus44

    Chamus44 3rd Brighton in a row attempt. Cancer research. Looking to beat or at least get close to my Pb of 3 hours 30 mins 20 seconds.

    1 9 Jan 19
  12. AL

    Alex I did Brighton last year and signed myself up to Manchester this year.

    1 9 Jan 19
  13. Ruth M C

    Ruth M C I'm attempting the Brighton Marathon on 14th April for St Wilfrid's Hospice in Chichester. Very much read morea comeback for me, so fingers crossed!

    4 9 Jan 19
  14. Benjaminpilgrim1234

    Benjaminpilgrim1234 Yes Boston Marathon (lincs) 14th April

    2 9 Jan 19
  15. Russ (Luther) M

    Russ (Luther) M Thanks IPS Meldrew! I've only done 2 so far and both v flat (Manchester and London) so this is going read moreto be wayyyyy out of my comfort zone. Done some hilly 10k's, hilly 10 milers and hillyish halves but obviously this is a big step up. Could have just done Manchester again, but fancied pushing myself. Got lots of hill routes planned out for training and got some base fitness, i just need to get on with it now :-)

    0 9 Jan 19
  16. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew It's certainly in my top 3 with snowdon & langdale. All 3 are similar. Plenty of hill training and read moretake it easy on the day. It's not a PB course so may as well go to enjoy

    2 9 Jan 19
  17. Russ (Luther) M

    Russ (Luther) M @ IPS Meldrew I was umming and ahhing about it for a couple of months, until I saw someone locally read morein a t shirt and asked him about it. Said it was his favourite of all the ones he'd done and does it every year, that's what finally swayed me 😀 I'm happy to take in any tips about the course 😁 I know I'll enjoy it, especially providing I get the right amount of training in.

    0 9 Jan 19
  18. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew You wont be, its a great one to do. There maybe be hills but there's downhills also. I've done it read moretwice but supporting duties this year.

    1 9 Jan 19
  19. Russ (Luther) M

    Russ (Luther) M @ IPS Meldrew I reckon i might be the last bug home :D But looking forward to it anyway :-)

    0 9 Jan 19
  20. alchevron

    alchevron First time at London this year on my birthday! Lucky enough to get a ballot spot.

    3 9 Jan 19