Sub 1:45 Half Marathon Training Plans

Hi all,

could anyone put me in the right direction of a sub 1:45 half marathon training plan that they have had some success with? Any feedback on how it went for you would be appreciated too!

AL al_garnett

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  1. cmcm789

    cmcm789 All the best with it Al. I think the key to success with any of these plans is consistency and sticking to it.

    0 20 Mar 17
  2. AL

    al_garnett Thanks for your comments

    I looked at both of your suggestions but decided to use the sub 1:45 hour marathon plan on the RW Go App!

    0 7 Mar 17
  3. cmcm789

    cmcm789 I'm following a MY ASICS (online) free training programme for a half marathon. You can customise it read moreto length of race, dates etc and it will predict times based on previous race results and your age/ gender. I'm running 4 days a week (2 days are jogs) up to about 30 weekly miles total. My target is sub 1hr 30mins and I hope to be close to this.

    Check it out and put in your date (as long as you are allowing a reasonable time to train) and target time and see what it churns out.

    0 6 Mar 17
  4. Ros Glover

    Ros Glover I am currently loosely following Hal Higdon's advanced HM training plan (p128 in his Half Marathon read morebook) and am just finishing Week 9 of 12. I'm running the Bath Half on 12 March and hoping to go sub 1:40 (current PB 1:42:59). This plan involves running 6 days a week, alternate 'hard/easy' with the hard sessions being an interval / hill rep workout, tempo run and long run (up to 2 hours, some of them being fast finish long runs). I love this plan - it is challenging but not exhausting (for example, the interval sessions have nice long recoveries and the easy days are to be run very easy). I did embark on this plan last summer and improved on my 5k and 10k PBs in the process but had to abandon it at week 8 due to a foot issue. This time I have omitted the interim races given in the plan and am being a bit more cautious - so far so good! There are a couple of intermediate plans in Hal's book which might also be of interest. Good luck!

    0 18 Feb 17