suspected extensor tendinitis

Suspected mild extensor tendinitis ...... do I really need to step away from running and if so for how long? ...... have a 9k race in 10 days and a HM in 10 weeks - thoughts please

Sally1956 Sally1956

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  1. Leland

    Leland Are you referring to your hamstrings?

    0 12 Feb 18
  2. Sally1956

    Sally1956 I had mine most of last year and just ran iced and ran with it I think mine was caused because my read moreshoes were probably too tight (classic mistake made!) I did the whole change how I laced and everything. I found some stretches and exercises to do which has helped. Had a race last night with inclines which I didn't realised there would be and my foot ached during it but not so bad afterwards or today so going to try again later in the week to see how it is without any inclines otherwise I'm back on to the bike as well!!

    0 28 Jan 18
  3. JO

    John Dam. I'm pretty sure I've got similar. Had pain for quite a while now but I've been putting up with read moreit and just running. Had to Google what you said and it all fits in with my sore foot. "Lacing shoes up too tight" possible cause the article said and I did that cos I was getting blisters on ball of foot and I thought it was due to foot moving in shoes. Really don't want to stop running. Only been into running for six months but it's really bitten me hard, all I want to do is run. Will have to switch back to the road bicycle for a few weeks. 😔

    0 27 Jan 18
  4. Sally1956

    Sally1956 Thanks everyone. Feeling much better now still not 100% but getting there - always harder not to do read moresomething when there isn't much pain!

    1 24 Jan 18
  5. Stew

    Stew I went for kinesiology tape for support and dropped speed sessions from my schedule; also cut length read moreof runs. It seems to have done the trick, along with regular icing.

    0 22 Jan 18
  6. Russ (Luther) M
    0 18 Jan 18
  7. Russ (Luther) M

    Russ (Luther) M :-( :-( Hope you can get through is asap

    0 18 Jan 18
  8. Christopher Carley

    Christopher Carley yes. Stop. Otherwise you will require serious medical help.

    0 17 Jan 18
  9. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 If it is - then yes, rest, ice, anti-inflammatory and more rest!! Cycle or swim to maintain your read morefitness. Although really you need to know why you have it so if you haven't already seen a sports physio - go see one!! Often caused by upping your miles too quickly or toe curling when you run (because your trainers are too big or too small). Sorry but the longer you continue to run with it the longer it will take to heal!!

    0 17 Jan 18