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I've been pretty lazy recently, so looking to sign up to my FIRST 10K to improve my motivation! Anyone got a fave one they could recommend? I live in South London but happy to travel for it.

FreddieT FreddieT

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  1. JemimaFuddlePuck

    JemimaFuddlePuck Southbourne Fast and Flat can be just that if its not too windy. Proper zoomy ego massage, almost read moreguarranteed PB, woah yeh! Nice and friendly whilst being well organised too. (at least it was last time I ran it).

    0 20 Mar 17
  2. HA

    Hassen The Bristol 10k race is very scenic and easy to get to from London. It's on Sunday 7 May this year if you're interested.

    0 19 Mar 17
  3. MR

    MrsJasper I think where you think is best is a very personal thing. My home town of Bury in Lancashire held read moreits first ever 10k last year and in my opinion it's the best ever. It was lovely to be running around places I'm so familiar with. I saw tons of friends and people from work. It was really nice to know where the best place to go for a celebratory pint is and it was lovely to see a few work colleagues with their medals the following Monday. On top of that it was well organised, well marshalled and had a really good atmosphere. I can't wait for this year's.

    0 15 Mar 17
  4. Ems p

    Ems p Run through do various events over London

    0 3 Mar 17
  5. boywithfarawayeyes

    boywithfarawayeyes Can't recommend anything as I'm stuck up here in Gloucestershire but good for you getting booked read moreinto an event, I've always found it's easier doing several weekly runs when you're training for an event.

    1 3 Mar 17
  6. Jilly

    Jilly Vitality London 10k end of May I've done several years on the trot, so it must be good. Also the read moreRace Organiser does really good ones in the Royal parks & QE11 Park during winter and summer. The chap who runs it is very friendly, the field isn't enormous and it's not expensive. Race Organiser also does a summer x-country series in Essex. Really do recommend any of their races.

    2 3 Mar 17