Too late to train for a marathon?

Hello all!

I have been running for the past 18 months or so and did 3 half marathons and a few 10k runs last year. I've got it in my head I really want to do a marathon but with the time of the year there are some at the end of May and then that's it until September/October time.

I currently run 3/4 times a week and my last long run I did was on Sunday which was 11 miles.

There is the Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon which I would love to do but it's the end of May so only 5 weeks away, have I left it too late to train properly for this? There is also a half marathon the same day which I planned on doing but I really want to do the marathon distance.

What do people with experience advise? Should I wait until September/October time and do a proper 12 week training plan or could I go for the end of May?

Thank you!

LucyLo92 LucyLo92

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  1. LucyLo92

    LucyLo92 Thank you for your replies, I think I just needed to hear that from people who have ran marathons read morebefore. I'll stick with the Liverpool half and have a look for a good marathon in September/October ☺

    Thank you!!

    0 20 Apr 17
  2. ceefin61

    ceefin61 As it's your first marathon, you want to have a great experience, so you really ought to wait until read moreyou can comfortably increase your mileage to 20miles and have a proper taper time. You will risk serious injury if you try running a marathon at the end of May. September would be ideal. Good luck

    0 20 Apr 17
  3. CAP

    CAP The Liverpool R&R marathon would be too soon, go with scheduling a marathon training plan. As an read moreaside I'd still do the R&R Liverpool half, it is a great event, this will be my third year.

    0 20 Apr 17
  4. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Definitely don't do the Liverpool marathon, too soon. An August/ September one would be perfect. read moreGives you plenty of time to find and execute a good marathon plan.

    0 20 Apr 17