Trail running and injury prevention advice please!

Trail or fell running advice please. I'm trying to get into trail running, and at the weekend went running on kinder scout in the peak district. Good, dry-ish conditions and I'm using Salomon speedcross 4's. However I managed to go over on my left ankle, so now out of action for a bit with a sprain. I'm frustrated and a bit apprehensive now of going back to trail because of this. The ground it happened on seemed fairly flat, not sure what happened. Any advice how to get back to this once the injury has healed? Also concerned about getting injured and stuck somewhere if I'm on my own - I was carrying a backpack with phone, and water. I really want to trail run but want to do it with least risk of injury :(

SE Se_ren

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  1. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 This might be worth looking at


    Dan is an ex bug and a very experienced trail and ultra runner as well as a PT, I think this is in your neck of the woods and caters to all levels from beginner upwards - it might be the confidence boost you need on the trails.

    0 19 May 17
  2. SE

    Se_ren Thanks for your advice. 6 weeks on and several physio visits now at the stage where I'm starting to read morerun on roads to get used to running again. I'm starting to think about trails again, so want to look for some easy options which are accessible and not isolated - I think that would be a good way to try and build my ankle strength back up. Also reviewing my first aid kit - it does have a whisle, good point about it being loud. I think the main problem I've got atm is nervousness about injury again. So going to try and build up some confidence in the local waterparks which have some trails over the next few weeks

    0 13 May 17
  3. Sniper Karen

    Sniper Karen You say it was dry-ish, so maybe your shoes were wrong for the terrain on that day. I can't wear read moredeep lugs on dry ground or stony ground. Maybe try a less aggressive sole for drier trails or firm ground. Also, it is important to take a whistle with you in case of emergency and no phone signal - just make sure it's loud and not a feeble peep.

    0 13 May 17
  4. Fell Running Guide

    Fell Running Guide Paul, only a few fell runners I know tape their ankles, and then only if they are recovering from injury. Most don't.

    Taping doesn't allow you to build up strength and so can actually result in weak ankles.

    Better to let the body adapt to the terrain whereby improvements in strength can be made.

    1 19 Apr 17
  5. Paul

    Paul I don't do a huge amount of what you'd call proper trail or fell running, but I do quite a lot read more"offroad", usually around some local lakes/reservoirs, so a mixture of grass/mud/gravel and all relatively flat. I do know some "proper" fell runners though, and from an injury prevention viewpoint I've noticed that they all tend to wrap their ankles with cohesive bandage before they run on proper trails, so it might be worth trying that?

    0 10 Apr 17
  6. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice Think most clubs/ groups are more mixed ability. There maybe a beginner course somewhere I don't read moreknow. I run on my own 99% of the time find I can go at what pace where I want to run how long . Try going in a flat trail for a while till you get confident don't be a slave to trying to get faster just go to enjoy it

    0 8 Apr 17
  7. SE

    Se_ren Went to the physio yesterday and it looks like I've torn 2 ligaments. No running for 8 weeks to read moreallow it to heal and several more physio trips. I've been thinking about the advice and what maybe to change in future. I've tried running with a group a couple of months ago, but was really put off as I'm new to trails and was slower than the group - found it too tough to keep up. I'd like to run with people when Im better but struggling to find a group of a suitable level. I can't run up hills so I walk them and run the flatter bits and given what's happened would like to take some time to build up confidence in my foot placements and also strenghten my ankles and legs. Is there such a thing as a novice fell running group?

    0 8 Apr 17
  8. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Stick with it - as the others have said - the lower legs and ankles will get stronger and more read moreflexible the more off road you do, and your judgment of foot placement and reactions will improve also. Think you were just a little unlucky. Also worth slowing down on the rougher terrain until you have built your confidence. You're in a lovely area for the trails :)

    Also consider joining a group to build your confidence - I believe there are a few fell and trail running groups in the peak district.

    I don't carry anything if I'm going less than 10 miles, but If I'm going for a long run I usually carry a space blanket, extra layer, phone and small first aid kit (small bandage, tape and plasters) just in case - give someone an idea of where you're going and how long you should be (plus an extension margin in case you get a little lost). And have fun with it :)

    0 6 Apr 17
  9. Martin Penrice

    Martin Penrice I do lot of trail and fell Running think it's just unlucky what happened I'd get back again when read moreyou're better . I find I concentrate more off road than on

    0 5 Apr 17
  10. rob k

    rob k As well as a phone it is worth carrying a whistle if you are getting out into areas like that.

    0 5 Apr 17
  11. SE

    Se_ren Thanks, it's got me a bit down as Sunday was fantastic up on kinder. I'll look into burbage...I was read morewondering about stanage edge along the top. Think some easier trails to try and strengthen ankles etc... is a good plan

    0 5 Apr 17
  12. Fell Running Guide

    Fell Running Guide Hi Se_ren. Don't let it put you off! As you do more running on uneven ground your body will adapt - read moreyour reactions will get quicker and you'll get stronger. There are plenty of areas in the Peak District that are a bit easier than Kinder too.

    As for getting injured and stuck, don't go anywhere too remote until you've built up a bit more confidence. Yes, take a phone and also think about if you have to stop or slow down - will you be warm enough? An extra layer might be worth taking.

    Do some easy trails once the ankle is better. The Burbage Valley close to Hathersage has some great trails / fells.

    Hope you get back to it.

    1 5 Apr 17