Training runs, the going has gone tough !

I have been training for my half marathon for the last 12 weeks, I have been progressing really well and been happy with my progress .. until last Sunday ... I did a 9 mile last Sunday, was a new route with quite a few inclines, one was quite a long one, and 2 of them were killers. I found the last mile hard but was able to complete with a struggle. My next run day was Tuesday, a 5 miler .

I had to take a walk run approach as could not keep going ... legs felt like lead. Put it down to needing more time to recover. Took Wednesday off, Thursday I attempted a 5 miler again and still had to take a walk run approach as I really didn't feel I had it in me. Still complete the 5 miler but about 3 mins difference. Took Thursday and Friday off and today I did a 3 mile park run. I struggled so so much, ok I didn't walk this time but it was a complete and utter struggle. It was like I just had to push myself the whole way.

So my question to my lovely running companions is this ... my long run day tomorrow, do I do my planned 10 mile tomorrow but choose a flat route to get my mileage up or do I knock it down a notch and take off a few miles to give my body a bit more time to get over my last Sunday or have I just messed up !!! Many thanks in advance. Race day is 9th April.

Arualx Arualx

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  1. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf Well, that's a lot to deal with, where are you now in the process. Sounds like your dealing with it read morevery well though. Good you got all those events booked, always good to have these aims.

    0 20 Mar 17
  2. Arualx

    Arualx I have abnormal cells that grow on my heart, these need to be a certain size before they can operate read moreto burn them away. While they are growing back these abnormal cells will trigger off extra electoral beats and my heart goes into an abnormal rhythm and very fast, we are looking at between 200 and 230 until the extra impulses run out sometimes they don't and I have to be taken into hospital. These episodes only happen when the cells have grown to a certain size, bigger they are the more severe the episode... so yes I wear a HR monitor but also am very much in tune with my HR. My peak HR in training is about 175. After the operation I have about 3 years before they start growing back again and then another 2 years before they are big enough to operate. I have to keep an eye on my resting HR as well as my training HR, if it reaches 190 I know I have to keep stop and let it go back down as it could start a trigger and an episode occur. Funnily enough running is very good for my heart as it strengthens the heart and helps me cope with the episodes better. I have kings Lynn 10k 2 weeks after my half and then run Norwich in August which is another 10k. Also doing race for life muddy challenge in July. Hope I haven't bored you too much. It goes to show that just because sometimes you have a health issue it doesn't stop you doing what you live, you just have to be more careful and in tune with yourself more x

    0 19 Mar 17
  3. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf Being the fastest is overated apparently. Steady and consistent is far better. When your running read morethen, are you wearing a HR strap and what does the HR reach before you think, hey up I best slow down etc. It's all very interesting, fair play to you carrying on, you have determination obviously. You got any others planned after this one

    1 19 Mar 17
  4. Arualx

    Arualx No it's my second,, nearly 2 years ago was my first, but had a tough time for about 8 months after read moreas I had to have surgery on my heart again ( have a rare heart condition where I have to have surgery about every 3-5 years) was given the all clear but had to work my way back up again. Just like couch potato to 5K. So it feels like mt first half all over again. I have to keep a close eye on my HR as that's he first thing I notice if things are going wrong, but my HR has been super so I knew it was something I had not thought. Am quite excited I must admit, I am not the fastest in the pack, am a plodder and normally consistent. Fingers crossed for next Sunday ..

    0 19 Mar 17
  5. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf Your not the only one, we all go through these things. We just have to hope to learn from them and carry on.

    Is this your 1st HM

    0 19 Mar 17
  6. Arualx

    Arualx Ty again for advice and giving me the boost I needed, was really beating myself up, will go steady read morewith my runs this week too, nothing too adventurous like I was doing. Just a big fall when I had been doing so well and feeling so good ....

    0 19 Mar 17
  7. Arualx

    Arualx I am doing the Larking and Gowen Norwich half marathon.

    0 19 Mar 17
  8. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf I see no harm in doing 11 next Sunday. Just do exactly the same, slow it down. As for the HM, the read moreonly thing you have to worry about is getting caught up in the race excitement and going off to quick. You will do the distance but just got to go sensible. Well done getting these 10 done, the last mile would be toughest but great it was all running. Which HM are you doing.

    1 19 Mar 17
  9. Arualx

    Arualx A VERY BIG ty to you all, I took your advice and took a nice off road route where it was quite flat read moreand quite sheltered. I was able to do the full 10 miles without stopping, and the run felt a lot easier than the last 3 runs I did. The last mile was real hard and I am worried about finishing the half, I really want to be able to run it all. Now the next question ... I have 2 more Sunday runs then the next one is race day, do I tackle an 11 miler?

    0 19 Mar 17
  10. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf With 3 weeks to go, I'd definitely be doing the 10 miles. Just very steady.

    1 18 Mar 17
  11. Arualx

    Arualx I didn't quite word my message right, I am following a 12 week training plan and have 3 weeks left including this Sunday ...

    0 18 Mar 17
  12. Ros Glover

    Ros Glover Hi Arualx, this sounds to me like a case of over-training, especially if you haven't been suffering read morefrom illness. You have been working hard for 12 weeks now, and still have 3 weeks till your HM, which is still time to refresh, recharge and refind your mojo. 15 weeks sounds quite long for a HM programme (I am familiar with 12 week programmes). It's really good you have listened to your body and taken extra rest this week; a bit more of this may be needed. I would only attempt that 10 miler if you are feeling confident you can complete it to your satisfaction, or you will end up feeling demoralised. Is your HM on a hilly route? If not, then I agree that keeping it flat is a good move. Do keep your pace really steady too for these long runs - there are no training benefits running the whole distance at your planned race pace; you will just tire yourself out. Above all, listen to your body and if you do need to reduce the distance on the day then do so without feeling it is a cop out - it's actually common sense and real self control! You might find it useful to google symptoms of over-training to see if this fits you; if it doesn't, then perhaps there could be a dietary reason for your loss of energy (ie. low iron levels). Anyway, don't panic - you still have time, especially since it sounds like things have gone so well so far. Fingers crossed for you!

    1 18 Mar 17
  13. rob k

    rob k Go with flat, aim for 10 miles and get the time on your feet.

    1 18 Mar 17
  14. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf I would pick a flat route, road or off road , do the 10 miles but seriously back off the pace. read moreWhich is probably what you should of done after the tough hilly run. The hills are great but take it out of you. Just go out tomorrow and enjoy, dont worry about pace. Miles and time on feet is more important. presume you can't be far from the taper if your already on week 12. The taper will refresh the legs.

    1 18 Mar 17