Trying to improve

I am trying to improve my running but i seem to be at a frustrating point of just missing my Pb every week i only do 5 k at Parkrun but do enjoy and just getting frustrated at stopping and not pushing myself to keep going i would appreciate any advice

LE Leanne

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  1. Amanda

    Amanda You could log your runs here Leanne and make some friends, you will get lot's of support and encouragement. Good luck.

    0 29 Nov 18
  2. LE

    Leanne Thank you so much everyone i have started more cardio at the gym over the last 12 weeks and have read morebeen trying to add more runs a week will keep you posted on my improvement

    0 29 Nov 18
  3. ceefin61

    ceefin61 If you are only able to run on Saturday at parkrun then why not try and mix up the run. Try 5 mins read moreat a light jogging pace, then 2 mins much faster and repeat. Reduce the length of time for your slower pace intervals each week. You should see an improvement in about 4 to 6 weeks. As the other 2 bugs have said, the best advice would be to add at least one speed/hill session and a longer run each week. Or do some cardio work in the gym. Good luck

    1 29 Nov 18
  4. Amanda

    Amanda Agree that just turning up at park run weekly and hoping to beat your pb is unlikely. As IPS said read moretry adding in some additional sessions, my advise would include increasing the steady run slowly over several weeks so you are running further than 5k.

    1 28 Nov 18
  5. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew If you only do the park run each week, as in the only run each week then its very unlikely you will read moreimprove. If you do a few more runs each week then you'll bag that PB. 1 steady run, 1 speed session etc would help.

    1 28 Nov 18