Upgrading Running Watch

I've a Garmin FR25 and I've been thinking of upgrading to a 235 or 645. Has anyone had one of these, what did you think of them?

Also when did you feel you needed to upgrade your watch? I'm torn as to upgrade or not....

RR123 RR123

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  1. RR123

    RR123 Thanks John, I will check that out! :)

    0 3 Dec 18
  2. JO

    John Some good deals on garmin fenix 5 at the moment.

    0 2 Dec 18
  3. RR123

    RR123 Thanks Amanda & Mcglovin! I love my stats too, not sure if I want a new watch for the extra stats I read morecan get or that I actually need one as I've been getting by alright with my 25 lol

    At the minute I can get a 645 with music for 1p more than the 645 (although I don't run with music) but the 235 is a good bit cheaper again.

    0 30 Nov 18
  4. mcglovin

    mcglovin I upgraded from a FR310XT to a Garmin 645 as I wanted something a bit more up-to-date as well as a read moresmart watch I can wear all the time. I really like it, it's just a nice normal watch size and the weight is good, i.e. not heavy.

    Of course with a more up-to-date watch you get a hell of a lot of additonal statistics (which for an stats anorak like me, I love).

    I didn't get the music edition though, but that's only because it would be a wasted expense on me as I can't run with music, but for those that do I can imagine thats a great feature, particularly as I see they recently added Spotify support in a recent update.

    Battery life is fairly decent, and charge time is pretty good too, I tend to just keep it topped up by plugging it in when I jump in the shower and this seems to be all that's required. I never have to remove it for a long period for a dedicated charge.

    There's quite a few IQapps you can download and add as well as customised watch faces too which is nice (though I keep finding I go back to the default watch face in the end).

    0 30 Nov 18
  5. Amanda

    Amanda Rachel, I've got the 235, it has a built in hr monitor, you can build your own workout on the app read morethen transfer it to your watch so no need to take phone out, records indoor running (I don't think the 25 does) records cycling. Smart notifications on screen. I love mine, upgraded in May from a basic fitbit only because I felt I needed more than a basic watch.

    0 30 Nov 18