Upper thigh/hip pain - anyone had this?


for the past three weeks I've had a niggly and rather painful 'pain' in the top of my thigh just below front of my hip. It twinges when I walk around and also when lifting my leg from gas to brake when driving.

I've had two lots of physio and it seemed better last week but this week seems to have gone backwards.

It still hurts to run, so i've been cycling to keep up the cardio as that doesn't hurt.

Now I'm just trying to rest it completely. I'm icing, rollering, massaging, had accupuncture but I can't seem to get rid of it. 

Has anyone else has this kind of pain? What did you do and how long did it put you out for? I'm training for the London marathon so it's becoming very frustrating and worrying now.



Piniwini Piniwini

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  1. Fagawee

    Fagawee Strengthen your core. Hips, back, abdomen

    0 21 Apr 17
  2. LI

    Linda I have had this problem for years. Told it is arthritis and not to run. wrong still running still have the pain

    0 20 Apr 17
  3. Piniwini

    Piniwini Thank you, good to hear from someone who has had the same thing.Fingers crossed I'm close to recovery!

    0 3 Feb 15
  4. rob k

    rob k Yes. I had a problem with this over the last couple of weeks and had to miss a few runs, albeit I read morethink mine is a minor tweak. You've maybe got a tear in either a flexor or an adductor but check this with your physio and keep up the rehab work.Ask the physio what cardio work you can doI reduced my miles and pace significantly, foam rolled and did hip stretches each day. Oddly it hurts the most when I sneeze. I hardly did anything for a couple of weeks, did a 5 miler in mud on Saturday and a tough half-mara on Sunday.Good luck and I hope it settles down quickly

    0 2 Feb 15