VLM 2017 training not going well

Hi all, I've been running less than 2 yrs. My last HM was Oct 16. Had loads of health issues since Xmas so training been very hampered. Not run more than 10k. A v experienced runner told me than he only ever ran 10ks before a marathon but regularly & sometimes twice a day. What do you think to that as a plan or must I get LSRs in? Am I doomed? Don't want to break records just want to give it my all & raise charity money. Thanks

Debbie Cook Debbie Cook

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  1. IPS Mildew wolf

    IPS Mildew wolf As you pointed out, the 10k advice come from a very experienced runner. Someone who does loads of read moreMara's can do that I believe. For us mere mortals though, the LSR is king and needs to be done. Unfortunately though, I think you should already be on these long runs and going from 10k to those long runs now is still going to be difficult. There's not that long to go till London, maybe a run/walk strategy may be best for getting around the course.

    1 20 Mar 17