Waterproof running socks?

Can anyone recommend some waterproof running socks? Pros and cons of using them ref to breathability and effectiveness.

JO John

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  1. Jilly

    Jilly Been looking for a pair too - will add to my Santa list 😊

    0 26 Nov 18
  2. HA

    Hari24 I'm a fan of dexshell over sealskins after trying both as the dexshells just fit me better. I wear read morethem with a merino wool or injini liner sock.

    I tend to wear this sock combo when i'm out for the long haul on winter races (Spine Challenger / Cheviot Goat you get the idea). I do need to go up half a shoe size to accommodate the socks, but found them a great choice.

    Because I only use them on winter training/ races never had a problem with feet getting sweaty.

    The socks can fail, and start to let water in (odd sensation when one fails and the other one doesn't) however, i have covered many miles in them before they went. Maybe ask Santa for a pair....

    0 23 Nov 18