Just joined The Running Bug? Tell us a little bit about yourself here, why you've joined, what your goals are and why you run, or if you've just started running as well, why you want to run and what your goals are. Then get involved, make some friends and enjoy the support of your fellow bugs as you go on your running journey.

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  1. SU

    Sunanda Sarker-Bell Hi Jilly, thanks that's useful to know, a shame there doesn't seem to be a anything before February. read moreThey will be useful for Southampton marathon in May.

    1 26 Nov 18
  2. Jilly

    Jilly Hi Craige, you'll love this site, full of like minded people who really do encourage and support you to achieve your goals.

    Think positive about your goal, right training and mindset, plus if everything goes to plan(!) shoukd see you get 3.30.

    I'm aiming for sub 4 at Brighton Seemed so much easier a year ago than now, but going to do my best. Like you, if I don't, I'll do it next time 😉

    Good Luck 🤞

    1 26 Nov 18
  3. Jilly

    Jilly Hi Sunanda. So exciting to have two marathons to look forward to, especially Seville.

    If you look up " The Race Organiser" he has marathon prep races at Dorney Lake, you'll have to check time though, I think it is in March or April??

    I'm doing Hillingdon 20 on March 8th (?). That's a 20 mile race, 4 laps of 5, near Finchley. I hope this helps you? Good Luck!

    0 26 Nov 18
  4. SU

    Sunanda Sarker-Bell Hi I am signed up for Seville marathon February & Southampton marathon May. Does anyone know of a read morelong marathon preparation race London area! Any suggestions welcome!

    0 26 Nov 18
  5. Craige W

    Craige W Thanks for the replies folks. Just trying to get used to the site now. I’m sure I will settle in and read moreget accustomed in due course 🤗

    1 19 Nov 18
  6. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Hi Craige welcome aboard - as Amanda said - definitely the right place to get some support for read moreManchester - plenty of bugs on here doing that one so make some friends and get logging your training - you'll get plenty of support with your goal :)

    1 19 Nov 18
  7. Amanda

    Amanda Hi Craig, welcome to the bug. You are definately in the right place to meet like-minded people. We read moreare all at different levels with running, I've only been around just over a year but where ever you are at you will get a huge amount of support, advise and encouragement.

    My advise is to log your runs and start following a few people.

    Good luck with your training.

    1 19 Nov 18
  8. Craige W

    Craige W Referred to site at my wife’s recommendation. I’m a mid level runner from the Isle of Man and have read morecompleted several local club races 5k, 10k 10mile and fell races I completed the Manchester half marathon in April and was made up to get a time just under 1hr 45m 🤗.

    I got into running around 2 years ago when a group of friends talked me into entering a Race the Sun) team event and I’ve been hooked since then.

    Hoping to get my training on point for Edinburgh marathon in May I’ve set myself a goal of 3h 30m (perhaps unrealistic but if not this time then next 😂)

    Hopefully can meet some likeminded people on here to give tips on training to try and achieve my goals 🙌

    1 18 Nov 18
  9. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Welcome to the bug Becky, done superb with the weight loss, with that determination you'll get to read morethe HM no worries and whoop your brothers. Enjoy.

    0 4 Nov 18
  10. RR123

    RR123 Hi Becky, that's some loss, you should be proud. Sounds like you are really determined to get back read morein the running, I will keep an eye out to see how you are getting on!

    1 2 Nov 18
  11. Chris Pattison

    Chris Pattison Hey thats great Becky, well done to you. Hope you have marvelous times running and on the running bug.

    1 1 Nov 18
  12. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Wow Becky.. good for you :) welcome to the bug x

    0 1 Nov 18
  13. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Hi laetitia - I'm with Jilly on hanging fire on the marathon - you want to go into the surgery as read morestrong as you can be - and you'll hopefully recover swiftly and be back in great shape pretty quickly 👍👍

    0 1 Nov 18
  14. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Welcome Becky and what a huge achievement - that's a loss to be super proud of and it sounds like read moreyou're doing well with the running too 😊😊 make some friends and log your runs - you'll get lots of encouragement on your way to the marathon 👍👍 good luck with your 5k 👌😊

    0 1 Nov 18
  15. BE

    Becky Hi! Found this site yesterday on accident. Enjoying it so far.

    A little over a year ago I realized what terrible shape I was in and how many aches and pains I had. Then my daughter gave me my first grand-baby and I wanted to be able to keep up. So I started loosing weight and slowly started up with exercise. After a year I have lost 50lbs and am now remembering how much I use to love running. I will do my first 5k in just over a month. I plan on working slowly up to a half marathon eventually. I watch my brothers do marathons and triathlons, I am the oldest and they can't beat me. :)

    1 1 Nov 18
  16. RR123

    RR123 Another oldie-ish. I found the bug by chance and signed up, it was going to be a few more years read moreuntil I actually started running and logging them.

    At the beginning all I wanted was to run 5k, never thinking it would be possible to go further and have now managed 2 half marathons this year. If it wasn't for the help and encouragement from fellow bug members I would never have attempted training for a 10k never mind a half marathon.

    I love running for many reasons, for de-stressing, for the endorphins, the feeling of being free and the achievement(s) that I have gained through running. I now would be completely lost if I couldn't run.

    3 1 Nov 18
  17. Jilly

    Jilly Hello Laetitia. Training for a marathon takes at least 16 weeks and involves a lot of running, read moreplaces stress on even a healthy body. I'm not putting you off. If you've up to long distances already, thinking 16-18 miles, with a view to doing a 20 miler in the next week or so, then a 2-3 week taper, a marathon could be feasible for the end of November.

    I would seek the advice of a physio and or running coach, to tell you whether your knee is capable. I know little about knees, but have had to pull out of 3 marathons this past year due to ankle, heel injuries as no race is worth jeopardising my overall health and ability to run as I get older.

    Hope this helps? I'm sure there are other bugs who know more than me, who can advise you, but whatever you decide, Good Luck 😊

    0 29 Oct 18
  18. LA

    Laetitia Hi there, joined the Bug to seek advice regarding running PRIOR to knee surgery (as opposed to read moreAFTER, that's another story and there is plenty to read about recovery). I feel I've never run better than this past month and now would be the best time to try a marathon, but got ACL surgery (old injury, not recent) on Dec 6th! Too close?

    1 28 Oct 18
  19. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Hi Debbie - you've done well!! And come a long way from that 300 yards - I'm training with HR zones read moreat the moment too - finding it an interesting challenge, it certainly takes your mind off watching the miles tick over 😊 will be interested to see the outcomes 😊

    1 28 Oct 18
  20. Debbie Anne Watkins

    Debbie Anne Watkins Been a bug for a few years. I started running after struggling to ‘run’ the 300 metres with the read moreOlympic torch. This year it my aim was to run all the races I had entered – so far so good. I’ve started Heart Rate training August Bank holiday and it has made running fun again. Seeing how training goes over the winter before deciding whether to give the marathon another go.

    0 28 Oct 18