Whats the best way to increase mental well-being and reduce stress by running?


I am a university student studying Environmental Science (BSc), and for my final year dissertation I have decided to research whether the environment that people exercise in (running) has an effect on how they feel after the run. My aim is to find out what the best environment to run in is, to increase mental well-being (inside, urban, park, green space with a water body etc..).

I currently have a few volunteers who have kindly agreed to take part in my short "experiment"; it involves running your usual routine through a variety of environments and completing a questionnaire. My goal is to gain more volunteers, so that I have a larger data set and the research becomes more reliable.

I will of course publish the results on the forum when I have finished conducting my research and all volunteers will remain anonymous. I truly believe that this research is beneficial as a lot of us do exercise to reduce stress and anxiety of everyday life, but may not have considered that levels of nature in the environment play a role in doing so.

If anybody is interested in helping me out (the more the merrier!), I would be extremely grateful, could you please show your interest by commenting on the thread. It would only require a 6x 20 minute runs!

Thank You


VI Victor

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  1. VI

    Victor Head over to this forum, where I am able to upload the excel document read morehttps://forums.runnersworld.co.uk/discussion/348021/reducing-stress-and-anxiety#latest and download the attached file.


    0 10 Jan 19
  2. LE

    Leigh Happy to help! send details asap.

    1 10 Jan 19
  3. greg p

    greg p Hi I happily help out just send on the details I run reguarly so can complete this in couple of weeks .

    1 5 Jan 19