What's your 2018 running goals?

It's that time of the year again bugs!!

So what's your 2018 running goals and ambitions?

This year mine was to pb at marathon..and i did so next year my running goal is run an international marathon AND get a pb!!

Vicky pixi Vicky pixi

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  1. Mārtiņš

    Mārtiņš My goal is run 3 times a week, run half marathon in 2h then run more

    0 27 Feb 18
  2. tonyrun

    tonyrun do a park run once per month

    do an organised event once per month

    pb in 5k

    pb in 10k

    pb in half

    1000 miles

    good luck to all

    0 25 Feb 18
  3. Luke D

    Luke D My aim this year is to run 10k consistently, get involved with park run and enter some 10k events

    1 17 Feb 18
  4. RY

    Ryan Run,run,run!!! Get in the best shape possible so that 2019 will be a qualifying year for Boston.

    1 16 Feb 18
  5. GR

    grintricha Lots of running goals for me in 2018

    1500 miles in the year.

    Sub 40 min 10k

    Sub 1.30 half

    Sub 3.30 at Brighton

    Sub 3.15 at Richmond, hmm, not sure, can i do this? Probably not but i'll try.

    Good luck everyone

    0 8 Feb 18
  6. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Good luck with that one Tracey. Hope the training is going well

    2 7 Feb 18
  7. Tracey

    Tracey Hi All, I'm taking on my first ultra in June, Race to the King, looking forward to it....at the moment anyway!!

    3 7 Feb 18
  8. LE

    Leggi Got my 1st half marathon booked for May and a 2nd booked for Sept, just in case I mess the first one up 😂

    2 19 Jan 18
  9. CH

    chickenpie my first HM in early March and a smattering of 10Ks over the year. Also a cross country and very read morehilly duathlon of 20 miles of foot, 30 mile cycle in June. Have walked it many times but aim to run this year... as always juggling family and training is the biggest challenge!

    2 18 Jan 18
  10. Ruth M C

    Ruth M C I only have one target this year..... to actually get to the start of any event fit and ready for action!

    2 18 Jan 18
  11. Charlie

    Charlie I am aiming to pass the 50 mark at park runs (on 28). Run the finish post at the 'Round Sheffield read moreRun' (limped through last year) and run another 10K (maybe with a PB)

    1 18 Jan 18
  12. TO

    Tom Hello everyone! My goal is to break 40 min for the 5k, increase distance to 5 miles (from 3) and read morecompletely recover from a blood clot (and get off the blood thinner). Best wishes to everyone.

    4 17 Jan 18
  13. DI

    Dianeh I class myself as a beginner, I was just starting to get into running a couple of years ago and was read moredoing 5 miles most days but then health problems struck. I’m getting my trainers back on this week, but it’ll be walk-jog-walk for a couple of weeks I guess. Best of luck everyone, there are some epic goals on here!!

    1 14 Jan 18
  14. Denise

    Denise Complete my first 10k (in February)! After that, to get fitter and run faster!

    1 11 Jan 18
  15. Brad2489

    Brad2489 just to enjoy all events and enjoy my running

    1 7 Jan 18
  16. RA

    RachBlur I want to try and get me 10k under the 50 min mark. I've not been able to do it last year, maybe this is the one 😊

    1 7 Jan 18
  17. AD

    Adam Recover from a knee injury that has now lasted 6 months. Then stay injury free.

    1 5 Jan 18
  18. Stew

    Stew Break the 21:00 min mark on my 5k, only managed to improve 4secs last year (21:01 annoying!)

    Complete my first HM, Exeter in February

    Complete my first Marathon, Malaga in December (Early entry was seriously cheap)

    PB 10k and 5 mile.

    Drink beer :)

    2 5 Jan 18
  19. ceefin61

    ceefin61 @sam - as long as it's not next week you'll be fine if you put the proper training in. Time on your read morefeet is most important. Good luck

    2 3 Jan 18
  20. Dee27

    Dee27 Yes Sam, I suspect you may be mad!! Seriously though, I have no experience of running anything more read morethan a half marathon and am sure that other bugs will be more qualified than me to comment!

    3 3 Jan 18