Firstly, what is the next main event your training for and when is it. ?

So, how is your training going in the winter period. Have you just gritted your teeth and just got on with it and all your training is on course or has your training suffered through winter and why, weather just to bad or you just dont like the winter and lack motivation.  

Of course you may not be training for an event, if not, does winter make it even worse to get out the door when you dont have to. 

Either way, do you think your on track or behind where you need to be.

IPS Meldrew IPS Meldrew

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  1. EV

    Evor Next event is the kilomothon in March . Must admit this is hardest winter to work through for a long read moretime. I am really struggling and doing minimum 6 - 7 mile runs.

    0 24 Jan 18
  2. sharon.1971

    sharon.1971 My next event is the Edinburgh Half, though I am considering a 10K in Feb/March as part of training read morefor that. I'm just about to start my HM plan. I'm a week behind where I'd planned to be, due to a distinct lack of mojo last week, though I still have 18weeks before the Half so still well on track.

    The winter weather hasn't caused too many problems, and if I'm honest I quite like the proper frosty mornings, and the mist & fog. That said, I do wonder if I'd have had as much motivation to go out some mornings if I didn't have the thought of that Half to keep me going?

    0 22 Jan 18
  3. TO

    Tom I'm planning a 5k in the next 30 days. Started running in April 2016 on treadmill & transitioned to read moreoutdoor in Dec 2017; I LOVE it!!.

    0 21 Jan 18
  4. ADoyle7487

    ADoyle7487 I've had a knee injury since the beginning of July 2017 so will not be running in any events this read moreSpring. It has improveed but I don't want to ush things by trying to run in the cold. I think I wil sit out the rest of the Winter and see how it feels in the Spring. Just concentrating on low impact excersze as i've been advised by a pt.

    0 21 Jan 18
  5. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Chris.. Ashby 20 is a good one. I done it 3 years ago and got a 20 mile pb 👍

    2 21 Jan 18
  6. Chris Pattison

    Chris Pattison I'm training for the Ashby 20 in March and the Longhorn Marathon in April, also the White Peak read moreMarathon in May. So far (fingers crossed) the weather has not impacted my training, I am also in the fortunate (or unfortunate) position of not working at the moment .... which means I get to increase my mileage during the week and don't need to limit my midweek runs to evening. So I feel well on track for the spring season.

    0 21 Jan 18
  7. Denise

    Denise I’ve been off track since New Year back on it this week. I hadn’t appreciated how hard it would be read morekeeping going in the winter. Bad weather and dark evenings. Not keen on running at the gym though I have used gym for crosstraining.

    0 20 Jan 18
  8. FBM

    FBM I'm a bit off track, motivation has dipped although not sure why as I like training in the winter. read more Wokingham half is my next race which I originally thought I would properly race as got my pb there last year but only 4 weeks to go so not really enough time so will just have a good stab at a best effort.

    0 20 Jan 18
  9. RR123

    RR123 My First HM is on the 24th March, training has been going well, I think lol I've only skipped one read morerun so far due to cold/crampy calves/snow/ice lol I had a lot of excuses for that one. I started out following a plan but it's kind of went out the window and I'm doing my own thing now, but it's on track which is the main thing. I prefer running in Spring/Autumn it's not too warm but not too cold 😀

    0 20 Jan 18
  10. Guernsey Girl

    Guernsey Girl Great discussion topic Ian. I prefer to train in the winter and love running in the rain, though I’d read morerather run in daylight. My event is the Great Welsh marathon on 15th April (also entered Newport marathon 29th April as it’s anew one) with the aim of getting a gfa time - only got to knock 7 mins off my PB! Had a great training plan prepared for me, extending it to a 20 week plan (starting end of November) to take into account my knee now having a bit of a weakness and also a holiday. So the plan started well........ until the butt pain happened, then physio stopped me running for a couple of weeks, gradually getting back up running again when I was then felled with the lurgy! You could say it’s not quite going to plan🤣 but I’m not giving up, it’s not the weather’s fault nor the lack of motivation- I just need to get my body sorted and could end up being a 10 week plan instead of the 20 it was intended to be. Like the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”!!!!! Perhaps it’ll be marathons for fun instead 🤪🏃‍♀️🤣

    0 20 Jan 18
  11. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Any time of the year come rain, shine, hail, gales, snow, ice, hot, cold im out there..nothing stope read moreme from going for my runs.. with maybe the exception of lightening!! I love running in any weather but racing is a different story.. I prefer racing in the cooler months however when racing in red hot weather I still enjoy it though as know that I'm not the only one having so slow it down and suffer!

    This is the first winter in years where I'm not training for a spring event.. I have other things in the pipe line tho with a Wolf run in April which is a bit of fun and fitness check ready for my spartan event in June.. but all running events are having to wait till the summer.. still doesn't mean I can't train lol.. i feel lost not training :)

    1 20 Jan 18
  12. Dee27

    Dee27 Similar to others, I prefer running in the colder weather as I don't overheat so easily! Not keen on read morethe windy weather and there does seem to have been a lot of that lately, but otherwise I don't mind the rain, sleet etc Mind you, I do have the luxury of working from home most of the time so I can be flexible about when to go out and I don't usually have to run in the dark. I'm training for the Mad Dog 10k in Southport at beginning of Feb and then, foot niggle permitting, I'm hoping to do the Liverpool half marathon in March again.

    0 20 Jan 18
  13. RA

    RachBlur I prefer to run in the colder months, I even like running in the rain. I've been plagued with bugs read moresince the start of December though so been struggling to get out. Just when I thought I was on the up and getting back into the swing of things I've got another cold to try and push through.

    I don't have any events booked as I don't generally do events but am tempted to sign up to give me a push to get back out there more regularly. That and a tonne of vitamin c to boost my health.

    I don't feel on track at the mo for where I want to be but am determined to get it back!


    0 20 Jan 18
  14. SharonMc

    SharonMc I actually prefer running in the winter, don't mind the rain or the cold but do hate the wind. I read morefind it harder in the summer as I run first thing in the morning when the humidity levels are high. Training not going to plan this January but that is down to a foot niggle rather than the weather. Have a 10k next weekend which I have no expectations of time wise, just hoping I can get the foot sorted before a 6hr event I have in April.

    0 20 Jan 18
  15. Handbrake

    Handbrake Target event is Gainsboro & Morton 10k at the end of March. Post injury my training is going well read morewith gradual increase In speed. Training is currently made up of Speed work Monday, Longer steady run Tuesday, Hill work Thursday and a parkrun on Saturday. Quality rather than quantity is my main focus and it seems to be working just need to stay focussed

    0 20 Jan 18
  16. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew I would of done tbe same as you on Tuesday. I was more getting at, when we miss a planned run it can read morebe difficult then fitting it in at anytime, in winter though it can be even harder because the day you change a session to may be icy and it cant be done. Therefore the plan gets messy.

    1 20 Jan 18
  17. Stew

    Stew Next main event: Exeter HM in February.

    Training has been ok. The week I had in Spain (visiting family) over xmas was blighted by an ankle impingement, so much for running in nice weather 😕

    Since then I'm back on track, had to pause on the mileage increase while the ankle recovered now at 50km a week, probably peaking at 55-60 next week before taper. Pace is slightly off due to keeping the runs "easy" while ankle was grumbling, but recent tempo and intervals are looking good.

    Aiming for a sub 1:35 (race time predictors have me at 1:36).

    Fingers crossed.

    0 20 Jan 18
  18. Jilly

    Jilly Ian, so I should have done a tempo type run in Tuesday but as it was my birthday, I spent a linger read morebreakfast with family and did a shorter dig run. Then Thursday ran out of time, so combined my daily dog walk with a 6 mile run. Yesterday I managed to do the tempo. So I will do the planned run eventually, though if I'm feeling niggly I won't.

    Tbh , as you know, I do fall off plan quite a bit, though I am trying really hard to stick to it 😊 The paces are hard to keep to, and I think my ling run today won't be at target pace, but more focussed on tine on feet and miles in legs atm.

    0 20 Jan 18
  19. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew @ jilly " but if a run is in the plan, I'll do it, though may switch it to a more enjoyable trot if the pavements look icy."

    Surely that means your not doing the run on the plan ? Or would you switch it but do the planned run next time out.

    0 20 Jan 18
  20. Nick.Craig

    Nick.Craig My next event is a 10km in the middle of march which is my gauge for Sheffield half marathon about 3 read moreweeks1 later. I’m currently following a HM plan which I’ve tweakedso I take 5weeks to complete every 4 weeks of the plan .

    As for the winter weather I just dress appropriately and get on with it, I love being out in all weathers running, if its really bad I make sure I start and finish at home so there’s no time wasted getting warm and showered and dry.Years ago I heard the quote WINTER MILES MAKE SUMMER SMILES!its a good motivator.

    0 20 Jan 18